Eyes That See

“I Once Was Blind”

William Tyndale.

How many copies of the Holy Bible do you have?  Do you have a copy of the Holy Bible in English?  Have you ever had to learn another language because you did not have access to the Holy Bible in English? 

Why?  Because of William Tyndale.  The Bible is accessible in English because William Tyndale lived and died to translate the Bible into English.  My bro, “150,” wrote a blog about Reading the Greek New Testament.  I don’t know Greek, so I probably wouldn’t have read the blog if it had been longer.  But I did read it.  And in that blog he has a link to a message from the legendary John Piper, called “Always Singing One Note-A Vernacular Bible.”

Piper could have also given his message the title “How Your English Copy of the Holy Bible Got to Your Dresser, Coffee Table, Bookshelf, or Night Stand,” but his title rolls off the tongue a little better.  Anyways, your English Bible would not be where it is if it wasn’t for William Tyndale.  Read or listen to this message to find out how valuable translating the Bible into English was to Tyndale, and how much more valuable our English Bibles should be to us- first and foremost because it is the Word of God, and also because William Tyndale died to put them in our hands.


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