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Silly Sotomayor, Answer the Questions!

Is it absurd to anybody else that Sotomayor is avoiding every question by saying that it would be inappropriate for her to answer questions relating to cases she might or will face if appointed?

I work for a mortgage company.  To me, Sotomayor’s responses are what it would be like if a person interviewing with a mortgage company refused to answer any questions relating to the mortgage business.  “That issue might come up after you hire me, so it would be inappropriate for me to answer it now.”

What could be more appropriate than answering questions concerning issues that you will have to face if given the prospective position?! The interviewer would think that the interviewee is crazy, and the interviewee would all but guarantee that he or she will still be in the job market afterward.

What could be more appropriate than Sotomayor answering questions that she might or will face if appointed?  Am I the only who thinks that she, like our hypothetical interviewee, is crazy for dodging perfectly relevant questions?  And for calling that which could not be more appropriate “inappropriate?”


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