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Moses vs Bertrand Russell

Moses wrote, “honor your father and mother.”

Bertrand Russell wrote, “the influence of the home (i.e. mom & dad) is obstructive.”

One of these men has had a tremendous impact on American public schools, while the other is banned.

Moms & dads out there, do you wonder why there’s so much separation & distance between you & your kids?

It’s because here in America we base our public education on the writings of Bertrand Russell. From 8am through 3pm, 5 days a week, & 9 months a year your kids were or are manipulated by Russell’s herd psychology by leaders who defend teaching kids about “anal fisting” because we tolerate a diversity of ideas but they ban the Bible.


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Dear Public School Parents

Dear Public School Parents,

You may have been discouraged by some of my recent comments on public education, so I would like to offer you some encouragement.

First, I think it is awesome and necessary for Christian teachers, parents, & students to be in public schools and display the hope that is in us because of the blood and righteousness of Jesus.

Second, the same quotes that are extremely discouraging about public education also give us the playbook to defeat their manipulative agenda.

3 of Bertrand Russell’s 4 primary principles of psychological manipulation in public education were to establish that 1) the influence of the home is obstructive, 2) reach the “patient” before age 10, and 3) that “the opinion that snow is white must be held to show a morbid taste for eccentricity” (i.e. that those who believe truths that are unhelpful to the state agenda have a sick, unnatural insanity).

Parents, if you don’t want your children manipulated & controlled by this agenda, 1) be involved in your child’s/children’s education, realize & prepare for & overcome the state’s goal to separate you from the education of your child(ren); 2) protect your children from deception & corruption, especially before age 10; and 3) teach your child(ren) the truth, and that the truth is worth defending even if teachers and other students mock it.

On this last point, people- especially within the realm of science- make a commitment to “follow the truth wherever it leads.” If your child pursues consistency with this commitment, where teachers depart from said commitment, he or she will be treated like an outcast- because public education does not follow the truth when it leads to God.

Also, in a letter to a co-conspirator, Bertrand Russell named the biggest obstacle to their plan of using psychology to control, distract, & pacify the children who become the adults: the Bible!

Don’t want your kids to be controlled by psychological manipulation? Read them the Bible & teach them the Bible, and lead your family’s involvement in a church that reads & teaches the Bible!

Obviously, this is easier said than done; but it is worth it! Your children are valuable enough to those with an agenda of fundamentally transforming America as we know it that they spend a lot of time, effort & money on manipulating them.

Surely your children are valuable enough to you to put in the time, effort & money to protect them.

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