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The Atheist Delusion

At the beginning of my freshman year in college I saw a book in my college library called simply “There is no God” (I’m pretty sure that is what it was called, at least).  My faith was definitely fragile at the time, as I had really only started to think through things for myself that I had believed my whole life.  Until then I mainly believed them because my family and many people that I knew believed them.

This seems extremely foolish to me now, but at the time I remember thinking along these lines after I saw that book, which I didn’t even pick up much less read:
1) It is difficult to get a book published.
2) This book, “There is no God,” has been published.
3) Therefore, it is at least debatable whether or not there is a God.

I don’t recall these thoughts having a huge effect on my straying from the faith.  However, it at least played a small part, and it is worth noting that I remember it almost six years later.

I think that Richard Dawkins’ book “The God Delusion” could have a similar impact on others.  Today I started reading “The Dawkins Letters” by a Scottish Presbyterian minister named David Robertson.  In this great little book, Robertson has compiled a series of letters that he sent to Dawkins in response to “The God Delusion.”  He addresses the myths that Dawkins puts forth as proof that there is no God, and that those who believe that there is a God have been deluded.  There are many holes in Dawkins’ logic, and Robertson definitely hands him the berries in this brief little book (I got the saying “hands him the berries” from here; incidentally, Douglas Wilson has written “The Deluded Atheist: A Response to Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion“). 

Anyways, if you or somebody you know has been affected by silly, little publishers who allow silly, little atheists to publish their silly, little arguments that try to disprove God, then I would greatly suggest that you delve into David Robertson’s “The Dawkins Letters.”


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