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Is There Voter Fraud in Texas?








































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Why is President Obama Promising Amnesty, *After* the Election?

President Obama was recently poised to grant amnesty to “5 or 6 million” illegal immigrants residing in our country. He decided to delay doing so, but promised an executive order granting amnesty will happen after the election.

Why did he decide not to issue the executive order now?
And why did he promise to do so after the election?

Americans are very motivated by issues regarding border security and immigration, and most oppose amnesty. This was a major factor in the highest ranking member of the House of Representatives ever to lose in his own party’s primary election earlier this year.

Republican Rep. Eric Cantor was seen as pro-amnesty, and as caring more for special interests and the political establishment than for his constituents. This led to his ouster by a political newcomer who was outspent and taken for granted.

There are a lot of national factors working for Republicans and against Democrats right now, so the political climate makes it seem pretty clear that President Obama decided to postpone his executive order until after the election because he believes granting amnesty now would help Republicans in November.

However, the far left in American politics – including the media, politicians, activists, etc. – desperately wants amnesty; and they want it now. That makes it seem pretty clear that President Obama decided to promise his executive order *will happen* after the election because he believes promising amnesty later will help Democrats in November.

What does this tell us?

President Obama believes that Republicans who would be motivated to vote in November by amnesty now will not be motivated by a promise of amnesty later. Democrats who would be de-motivated by not granting amnesty now will be motivated to vote in November by a promise of amnesty later.

So Republican voters who support border security and enforcement of our immigration laws who would be highly motivated by an executive order granting amnesty need to prove President Obama wrong and go vote for Republicans this November!

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We Need Christians to Get Involved!

I don’t know if you have seen recent efforts by the federal government to force government contractors, including Christian entities, to be “tolerant” in their hiring practices. http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2014/july-web-only/obama-executive-orders-sexual-orientation-discrimination.html

President Obama recently signed an executive order prohibiting government contractors from discriminating against people on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, and so far has rejected pleas from religious leaders across the political spectrum to include a religious exemption.

This means that groups like Catholic Charities and other charitable organizations that receive government grants will be forced to hire people who are gay, lesbian, transgender, etc. if they want to continue receiving those grants.

A likely future step would be all tax-exempt groups (including but not limited to churches) must meet similar demands. Hire a lesbian, a “transgender” person, someone who is “tolerant” about “a woman’s right to choose” and/or “marriage equality,” or lose your tax-exempt status.

If/when it comes to that, many churches will simply give up their tax-exempt status, but the battle lines will be redrawn and the fight will continue.

This is a huge deal and will happen if we don’t get active and fight for our religious liberty. It will be much easier to defend the rights we currently have than it will be to try and get them back after they’re lost.

We need Christian involvement to defend our religious liberty, as well as to fight efforts like the Houston bathroom ordinance, and the obvious need for Christian involvement in discussions and decisions on abortion, marriage, etc.

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National Security, Islamic Terrorism & Border Security

The Democratic Party has become the anti-war party, and national Democrats simply do not take our national security seriously.

The ’08 Democratic primary became a contest to see who could be the most anti-war candidate, and President Obama won that contest.

How’s that working out for us?

The national media has been dishonest about many factors that directly impact our national security & public safety, most notably when it comes to Islamic terrorism & our border insecurity.

That dishonesty directly influenced the ’08 election, and with an assist from the power of incumbency carried over to the ’12 election.

The last 5 and 1/2 years have made it very, very clear. If you care about your own safety and the safety of your family, then you should understand that Islamic terrorism and our open borders are our biggest threats.

And Democrats’ failures to take Islamic terrorism or border security seriously is dangerous.

If you are a Republican, get active & help your friends, neighbors, & coworkers understand that only the Republican Party takes their safety seriously, because only the Republican Party takes Islamic terrorism & border security seriously.

If you are an independent/other, then you should vote Republican until & unless the Democratic Party puts up candidates who take national security, Islamic terrorism, & border security seriously.

If you are a Democrat, then you should demand that your party restore seriousness about these issues, or consider leaving the Democratic Party.

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The Gosnell Protection Act

Democrat politicians and the Democrat media are out of touch with the rest of America, including a lot of Democrat voters, when it comes to abortion.

This is why the Democrat media does not want you to know about Kermit Gosnell, the abortionist who murdered babies by causing pregnant women to go into labor, delivering their babies, and then killing them in his “abortion clinic.” He also had a segregated clinic, and sent his black patients to a squalid, disgusting waiting area and operating area while his white patients had somewhat cleaner, nicer facilities. And, his negligence led to the overdose & death of a pregnant women when his unlicensed, untrained teenager “pharmacist” gave her the wrong amount of drugs to prepare for her abortion.

The abortion industry “pays the piper,” so to speak, in the Democratic Party, and Democrats will always oppose abortion regulations to help their favorite special interest industry operate in the shadows – and the abortion industry and their party reward the standouts.

Then-Illinois state Senator Obama was greatly rewarded and his political career boosted when he defended “aborting” born-alive babies in the Illinois legislature. The only reason Texas state Senator Wendy Davis ascended to the Democratic nomination for Texas governor is because she filibustered to defend late-term abortion and unregulated, Gosnell-type abortionists in Texas.

And now, Democrats are pandering to the abortion industry and the abortion lobby with the so-called “Women’s Health Protection Act” that would more accurately be called the Gosnell Protection Act.

The abortion industry believes that women have some sort of Constitutional right to sex without a baby, even when they get pregnant. They also believe that abortion clinics have a right to perform abortions without any government oversight or regulations.

Through their partial ownership of the Democratic Party, the abortion industry’s view has become the official Democratic position on abortion: “pro-choice” no matter what, in any and all circumstances, up to and even beyond birth.

America, including even many Democratic voters, does not agree with these radical views, which is why the abortion industry & Democrats don’t want you to know about Kermit Gosnell or the Gosnell Protection Act.

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What Would You Do?

In 1787 when William Wilberforce introduced his first bill to abolish the slave trade in Great Britain, it was said that the slave trade had 300 M.P’s (Members of Parliament) “in their pocket” and the abolitionists had only Wilberforce.

The slave trade accounted for a huge portion of the British economy, with British ships exporting British goods to Africa, African slaves to the Indies, and plantation produce back home on the triangular trade route.

If you could go back in time to 1787, and across the Atlantic to England, would you be willing to anger the ship builders, the seamstresses, the blacksmiths, the carpenters, etc. whose livelihoods depended on the slave trade by standing with Wilberforce and the abolitionists? Would you risk angering the financiers and plantation owners, and the people who enjoyed cheap plantation products?

Or would you be content to live your own life, focus on your own family, build your own career, sit in your own church pew, and avoid “upsetting the apple cart” over slaves who were out of sight and therefore easily kept out of mind?

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The Obama administration gets away with scandals because of scandals.

Think about it.

People stopped talking about the Fast and Furious scandal, where the Obama administration directed gun store owners to sell high-powered guns to straw purchasers who would be allowed to “run” the guns to Mexican drug cartels, because the Solyndra scandal happened.

People stopped talking about the Solyndra scandal, where the Obama administration gave a $500 million Department of Energy loan to a faulty solar company owned by an Obama campaign donation bundler shortly before Solyndra went bankrupt, because the Benghazi scandal happened.

People stopped talking about the Benghazi scandal, where the Obama administration denied security requests in an effort to make our Libyan military invasion appear successful and then covered up the Islamic terrorist attack while the president had an election to win, because the IRS scandal happened.

People stopped talking about the IRS scandal, where the Obama administration’s IRS targeted and harassed conservative groups in order to keep them from influencing the 2012 election, because the VA scandal happened.

People stopped talking about the VA scandal, where the Obama administration’s VA gave taxpayer-funded bonuses to hospital administrators who were letting veterans die without the healthcare they earned by fighting for our freedom and safety, because the border security scandal happened.

I had a college professor who once joked to a student who had just had a relationship “break up” that nothing gets you over the last girl like the next one.

For the Obama administration, it seems that nothing gets them past the last scandal like the next one.

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It’s Time for Republican Party Unity

The Republican Party is made up of:

1) people of faith, who believe that God is sovereign over all of life, including civil government and the “public square;” who stand for the sanctity of life and the sanctity of marriage,

2) fiscal conservatives who realize that conservative policies like personal responsibility, free markets, and competition grow the economy and create jobs, and

3) those who are serious about national security and understand that only the Republican Party puts our safety above partisan political games and two-year election cycles.

Some of us think that social, economic, and security issues are equally important, while others believe that one or two of them are more important.

Republicans have to work together and get past these minor differences, because Democrats will always put partisan politics over any and all principles.

Democrats openly reject “God in the public square” as they push their social agenda, reject any and all fiscal responsibility efforts, and choose to score political points rather than enhance our national security, foreign policy, or border security.

Our nation faces critical challenges, and we must have a unified Republican Party working together to “restore the blessings of liberty” “for ourselves and our posterity!”

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President Obama’s Anger

President Obama told America that he’s angry about the VA scandal, and that he’s going to make sure we get to the bottom of it.

Which is comforting, because…

He also said he was angry about the Fast & Furious gun-running to Mexican drug cartels scandal, and that he’d make sure we get to the bottom of it.

Still no justice. Still no answers.

He told us he was angry about Benghazi, and he’d make sure we get to the bottom of it.

Still no justice. Still no answers.

He said he was angry about the IRS targeting scandal, and he’d make sure we get to the bottom of it.

Still no justice. Still no answers.

If his other scandals are any indication, the Obama administration will drag out and delay the VA investigation until they can say the investigation is “old news” and a “Republican witch hunt.”

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