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Our New De Facto “constitution”

Since we’re no longer operating under the U.S. Constitution as written and amended, I think it would be helpful for us to all understand the de facto “constitution” within which our federal government now operates.

All legislative power resides with the Congress, as long as that benefits Democrats. If it benefits Democrats for Congress to abdicate legislative power, or if it benefits Democrats to take additional powers beyond legislation, then the Congress can and will do so. In the event that Republicans control either or both chambers of Congress, all legislative powers will be voluntarily forfeited by bedwetting Republican leadership.

All executive power resides with the Executive Branch. If it benefits Democrats for the Executive Branch to either abdicate executive powers, or if benefits Democrats for the Executive Branch to take on legislative or judicial powers, then the Executive Branch can and will do so. In the event that a Republican wins the presidency, he will be portrayed as stupid and/or evil by Democrats and the media, which will justify ignoring and/or vilifying everything he or she says or does.

All judicial power resides with the mainstream media, excluding the “crazies” over at Fox News.

Because judicial power has been taken from the Supreme Court and given to the mainstream media, the Supreme Court can and will take legislative power when it benefits Democrats, especially when Democrats cannot push their agenda through Constitutionally prescribed means.

Every restraint in the original Constitution and Bill of Rights, as well as this “de facto constitution,” will be applied to Republicans, whereas if and when it benefits Democrats, then the peasantry outside of the D.C. political elite and the New York media elite must be reminded that the Founders were old, rich, white, slave-owning racists and that the Constitution is a “living, breathing document” that can be ignored whenever it benefits Democrats to do so.

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