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Postmodernism & Psychotic Racists


“Postmodernists” have no moral foundation from which to criticize the church shooting in South Carolina, and this is another reason why postmodernism should die on the philosophical trash heap where it belongs.

If “all truth is relative,” and each person can determine which truth best suits him/her, then a psychotic racist who believes that black people are raping white women everywhere and “taking over our country” has every right to believe that – according to the postmodern perspective. Furthermore, following postmodernism to its logical conclusion, if you believe it is right and just and good to walk into a church and murder people because they have a certain skin color, then postmodernism says you have the right to “self-determination.” Who am I to say otherwise?

Thank God our just system is not yet fully postmodern.

But……………….. if there is such a thing as absolute truth, then we can make absolute truth claims such as:

It is wrong to go into a church and kill people.
It is wrong to kill people for having a certain skin color.
Etc., etc., etc.

If you are dumb enough to believe such nonsense as “you have your ‘truth’ and I have mine,” then you must hold the corollary position that the psychotic racist can have his “truth,” too. The reality is that all postmodernists are selective postmodernists. “Truths” they don’t like are relative, while “truths” they like are absolute.

“Truths” that keep you from stealing from your neighbor are bad, but “truths” that keep your neighbor from stealing from you are good.

People do not accept postmodernism because it is true, they accept postmodernism because it is a way to self-justify their sins. But there is only one true justification for sins, and it ain’t found in postmodernism.

It’s found only in the blood and righteousness of Jesus Christ.


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