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The Gosnell Protection Act

Democrat politicians and the Democrat media are out of touch with the rest of America, including a lot of Democrat voters, when it comes to abortion.

This is why the Democrat media does not want you to know about Kermit Gosnell, the abortionist who murdered babies by causing pregnant women to go into labor, delivering their babies, and then killing them in his “abortion clinic.” He also had a segregated clinic, and sent his black patients to a squalid, disgusting waiting area and operating area while his white patients had somewhat cleaner, nicer facilities. And, his negligence led to the overdose & death of a pregnant women when his unlicensed, untrained teenager “pharmacist” gave her the wrong amount of drugs to prepare for her abortion.

The abortion industry “pays the piper,” so to speak, in the Democratic Party, and Democrats will always oppose abortion regulations to help their favorite special interest industry operate in the shadows – and the abortion industry and their party reward the standouts.

Then-Illinois state Senator Obama was greatly rewarded and his political career boosted when he defended “aborting” born-alive babies in the Illinois legislature. The only reason Texas state Senator Wendy Davis ascended to the Democratic nomination for Texas governor is because she filibustered to defend late-term abortion and unregulated, Gosnell-type abortionists in Texas.

And now, Democrats are pandering to the abortion industry and the abortion lobby with the so-called “Women’s Health Protection Act” that would more accurately be called the Gosnell Protection Act.

The abortion industry believes that women have some sort of Constitutional right to sex without a baby, even when they get pregnant. They also believe that abortion clinics have a right to perform abortions without any government oversight or regulations.

Through their partial ownership of the Democratic Party, the abortion industry’s view has become the official Democratic position on abortion: “pro-choice” no matter what, in any and all circumstances, up to and even beyond birth.

America, including even many Democratic voters, does not agree with these radical views, which is why the abortion industry & Democrats don’t want you to know about Kermit Gosnell or the Gosnell Protection Act.


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