Eyes That See

“I Once Was Blind”

What Would You Do?

In 1787 when William Wilberforce introduced his first bill to abolish the slave trade in Great Britain, it was said that the slave trade had 300 M.P’s (Members of Parliament) “in their pocket” and the abolitionists had only Wilberforce.

The slave trade accounted for a huge portion of the British economy, with British ships exporting British goods to Africa, African slaves to the Indies, and plantation produce back home on the triangular trade route.

If you could go back in time to 1787, and across the Atlantic to England, would you be willing to anger the ship builders, the seamstresses, the blacksmiths, the carpenters, etc. whose livelihoods depended on the slave trade by standing with Wilberforce and the abolitionists? Would you risk angering the financiers and plantation owners, and the people who enjoyed cheap plantation products?

Or would you be content to live your own life, focus on your own family, build your own career, sit in your own church pew, and avoid “upsetting the apple cart” over slaves who were out of sight and therefore easily kept out of mind?


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