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It’s Time for Republican Party Unity

The Republican Party is made up of:

1) people of faith, who believe that God is sovereign over all of life, including civil government and the “public square;” who stand for the sanctity of life and the sanctity of marriage,

2) fiscal conservatives who realize that conservative policies like personal responsibility, free markets, and competition grow the economy and create jobs, and

3) those who are serious about national security and understand that only the Republican Party puts our safety above partisan political games and two-year election cycles.

Some of us think that social, economic, and security issues are equally important, while others believe that one or two of them are more important.

Republicans have to work together and get past these minor differences, because Democrats will always put partisan politics over any and all principles.

Democrats openly reject “God in the public square” as they push their social agenda, reject any and all fiscal responsibility efforts, and choose to score political points rather than enhance our national security, foreign policy, or border security.

Our nation faces critical challenges, and we must have a unified Republican Party working together to “restore the blessings of liberty” “for ourselves and our posterity!”


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