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Meet David Hamilton, Candidate for HD27 State Rep


Meet David Hamilton, Candidate for HD27 State Rep

For Immediate Release – April 24, 2014                Contact: Lauren Johnson at lkpjohnson@gmail.com

Texas House District 27 covers Missouri City, Sienna Plantation, Meadows Place, and Stafford.

David Hamilton was born and raised in Arkansas, but says he got to Texas as quickly as he could. Both of his parents are retired public school teachers, and much of David’s early years were spent on basketball courts throughout the South. He is very tall at 6’6” and played four years of basketball at the University of the Ozarks. After graduating with a political science degree, David played one season of semi-pro basketball for the Mississippi Miracles of the American Basketball Association.

David and his wife Katie have lived in Fort Bend County since 2011 when they got married. In 2012 their first child Brad was born, and Lord willing their second child is due in August. They recently found out that they are having a girl and plan to name her Brooklynn Grace. David currently works for USA Industries in business development, where he supplies products to major oil & gas companies that make industrial maintenance more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. He also has business experience in healthcare marketing and finance.

When asked why he is running for office, David says, “Like a lot of Texans I am frustrated with our national government and the direction of our country. The federal government takes a huge bite out of our paychecks up front, and then every dollar we spend, save, or invest is taxed again. Every day our government looks more and more like the tyranny from which our Founding Fathers declared independence, by violating our 1st amendment freedom of religion, press, assembly, and speech; our God-given and 2nd amendment-protected gun rights; our 4th amendment privacy rights; and so on. We need leaders at the state level who will fight against these federal government intrusions and be mindful of our federal tax burden.”

David believes that if we keep electing the same kind of politicians, then we will continue to see the same results. He says, “Our Founding Fathers sought to ‘Secure the Blessings of Liberty,’ for themselves and also for us. We need to elect public servants who will ‘Restore the Blessings of Liberty.’ I have a track record of public service as a volunteer basketball coach, pro-life advocate, and Sunday school teacher. I believe my career success has been a direct result of my ability to build relationships and earn trust. My vision for what a State Rep should be is more of the same: build relationships with constituents, earn their trust, and represent their values in Austin.”

Hamilton pledges to be a leader we can trust who will serve the people he represents rather than any political party or special interest group. His campaign website is http://www.Hamilton4TX.com and http://www.facebook.com/Hamilton4TX is his campaign facebook page.


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