Eyes That See

“I Once Was Blind”

Comrade Obama

My biggest problem with President Obama being a socialist is not that he is a socialist.

My biggest problem is that he ran for president by inspiring millions of Americans with his campaign to reform America with “hope and change,” instead of standing before the American people and saying, “what America needs now is socialism. I am a socialist, and if you elect me then I will lead America toward socialism.”

That’s what he meant when he said he was going to “fundamentally transform America.”

Also, now that he is president, he does not openly advocate for socialism. He believes – like Antonio Gramsci & Saul Alinsky before him – that the only way we will have a socialist America is if socialism replaces democracy after a major economic collapse.

He wants a socialist America because he thinks that’s what’s best for us, but he didn’t openly campaign that way & he doesn’t openly lead us that way.

Obama lied to us from the start of his campaign about his socialist goals, and he’s been lying to us about them ever since then.


Because he thinks he knows what’s best for us, and he thinks we’re too dumb to realize socialism is what’s best for us.

He thinks we’re so dumb that if he told us the truth & gave us a choice, we would choose freedom over socialism. And because we’re so dumb, he can’t tell us the truth or give us a choice in the matter.


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