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No Answers, No Justice

It’s been almost three years since December 14, 2010, the night that Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed.

Two AK 47 rifles were found at the scene, which were traced to ATF operation “Fast and Furious,” in which over 2,000 high-powered weapons were put in the hands of gun runners for Mexican cartels.

Supposedly the purpose was to track the guns to the cartels & catch a “big fish” or two, rather than merely arrest a couple gun runners or low-level cartel thugs.

The problem with this explanation is that exactly zero of the guns were tracked once they crossed the border into Mexico, and there was exactly zero communication about the operation with Mexican authorities.

No phone call to say, “by the way we’re giving 2,000 guns to drug cartels. Just thought you should know.”

Almost three years. Still no answers from the Obama administration. Still no justice for Brian Terry or his family. Still no media coverage.


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