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Psychiatric Drugs, Violent Video Games & Unarmed Victims

The D.C. Naval Yard shooter had these factors in common with the majority of mass shooters in U.S. history:

Mental health issues treated by psychiatric drugs (which cause detachment- meaning the drugged person feels about killing real people the way a non-drugged person feels about playing a violent video game), played a lot of violent video games (which de-sensitizes people to killing, especially when combined with psychiatric drugs), and he chose a gun-free zone.

Politicians in both parties take a whole lot of “campaign donations” from big pharmaceutical companies to ignore the connection between psychiatric drugs & mass shootings.

A lot of people play violent video games and never end up going on a real life mass shooting rampage. So while nearly all mass shooters previously played violent video games, not all violent video gamers are mass shooters. However, the connection between the two has popped up frequently enough to warrant some serious thought & discussion.

Lastly, we must realize that violent, gun-toting criminals love gun-free zones & gun control. When politicians respond to mass shootings by calling for more gun control & more gun-free zones, we must remind them that gun control & gun-free zones make the criminals safer & their victims more vulnerable- which is obviously backwards.


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