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Liberal Agism, Sexism, & Racism

Liberals oppose agism, sexism, & racism… Unless it helps them win a Presidential election!

In ’08, the media had a 2 for 1 special, packaging agism & sexism together. John McCain was too old to be President & electing him would have put America a heartbeat away from the only thing worse than Old Man McCain in the Oval Office- President Palin!

Rather than celebrate the first woman since 1984* to be on the Presidential ticket of a major political party, the media assaulted Palin for, well, being a woman. Their biggest criticisms of Palin were that she was a mom & that the RNC spent a bunch of money on her campaign wardrobe.

Rather than do their job and fairly present both sides for America to make an informed decision, the media made ’08 out to be Messiah Obama vs the old man and the woman.

And, disagreeing with or opposing Obama was portrayed as racist, which is ironic, since in 2012…

The media torched Herman Cain.

Somehow, even bringing up the skeletons in Obama’s closet- like his known connections with America-haters Saul Alinsky, Frank Marshall Davis, & Bill Ayers- meant that you were a racist who only opposed Obama because he is half-black.
Yet going on a witch hunt to find skeletons in Herman Cain’s closet wasn’t racism, the liberal media was just doing their job!

If you look at what our liberal media does rather than what they say, they are champions of age, gender, & racial equality- unless you’re a conservative!

*an earlier version of this post wrongly said Palin was the first woman in history on the Presidential ticket of a major political party. Geraldine Ferraro was actually the first, as the VP on the Democrat ticket in 1984


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