Eyes That See

“I Once Was Blind”

Marxists in “Progressive” Clothing

Many in this country want to see our founding principles replaced with Marxism.  They think they are clever, and they say they’re “progressives” instead of Marxists, Socialists, and Communists. But if you know anything about Marxism, you quickly see that they are really just Marxists in “progressive” clothing. Limited Constitutional government, fiscal responsibility, and a free market economy have produced lasting and boundless prosperity in America.

The Marxists would like to replace those principles with unlimited, unruly government, extravagant spending by those in power while the people suffer extreme poverty, and total government regulation over the economy.

In Texas, we tend to think these are only problems in California, Chicago, and Detroit. But these problems are a lot closer to home than we realize.

Right here in Texas, many public school students are being taught that Capitalism is the worst economic system because it is selfish, we need to climb the stairs to Socialism because there is some sharing of wealth between all people, and Communism is the best form of government because it is the least selfish.

Right here in Texas.  Children in a public school near you.  Perhaps even your children.

There was a bishop in present-day Turkey many centuries ago named Polycarp.  When he was an old man, the Roman authorities took him to the coliseum and encouraged him to “repent” of his “unbelief.” By this they meant that he should believe in the deity of Caesar, rather than in the deity of Jesus.  If he would not “repent,” they promised to throw him to the wild beasts.  Old, brave Polycarp told them to call their beasts, for “repentance from better to worse is a change we cannot make.”

Likewise, it is time for us to boldly face the “progressives,” and tell them that “progress” from the American Dream to the Marxist Nightmare is a change we cannot make!


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