Eyes That See

“I Once Was Blind”

Distraction & Destruction

Radical liberals are all about distraction and destruction.

Taking their cues from their heroes Karl Marx, Antonio Gramsci, & Saul Alinsky, they know that the only way to achieve their fantasy of a Marxist utopia in America is by destroying America as we know it.

But they also have to distract us from the destruction in order to be successful.

Hitler & co. understood that they could not conquer a unified Germany from within. So they divided Germany into smaller, beatable groups. Hitler took power amidst economic despair, & systematically exchanged economic benefits for liberties. He put bread on the tables of starving families, while taking away more and more of their freedoms. That is how a nation of relatively good people, not entirely unlike our own people, stood by silently & watched the genocide of millions of people.

Don’t think that could happen here? It has already begun.

Before the nation fully caught Trayvon-Zimmerman fever, the Obama administration was swamped in scandal after scandal after scandal.

The administration used the IRS to target political opponents, illegally spied on the press & civilians without warrant, Americans died as a result of State Department failures, & the State Department & White House covered up those failures leading up to the 2012 presidential election.

Let me ask you this:

Do you think most black Americans care right now about government abuses & overreach, the Obama scandals, etc?

Germans didn’t care about the rights Hitler took from them, as long as he kept putting food on their tables.

I bet most black Americans right now would say that our government can take many of our rights away, as long as the government promises and/or actually provides racial & social justice.

Add to that the fact that America is deeply divided along racial lines following the Zimmerman verdict, and radical liberals are on the verge of having their fantasy fulfilled.

They have successfully distracted & divided us, so that they may destroy us.


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