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President Obama’s American Dream

I respectfully disagree with President Obama’s vision for the future of America. His words and actions, and his past, are clearly aligned with Saul Alinsky’s “community organizing,” which really means community agitating. For Alinsky, the issue was never the issue. The issue was always the revolution. That meant that issues were always merely a means to agitate and stir up people, cause chaos, and take power from the chaos.

Obama, like Alinsky before him, believes in a Marxist utopia where there is perfect justice, equality, and no hunger or poverty. Obama, like Alinsky before him, believes that getting us to that perfect, heaven-on-earth utopia is an end that justifies any means necessary. To get us to his Marxist/socialist utopia, President Obama, like Alinsky before him, believes that we must have a revolution.

Obama is using the Cloward-Piven strategy of utilizing the weight of the poor to drown our society by overwhelming our entitlement programs. Just look at the record-setting rolls of our welfare & disability programs, which are being used to hide our real unemployment figures.  This explains why President Obama and so-called “Progressives” think it’s a good idea to burden a fragile economy by granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens and immediately qualifying them for our government handout programs.

We’ve all heard the “give a man a fish” vs “teach a man to fish” analogy.  Why did President Obama remove all of the “teach a man to fish” aspects of our welfare program?

Leading America into an Alinskyan revolution to destroy capitalism is bad for America. There have been many, many Marxist revolutions, but none have come near to achieving their utopia. What makes President Obama think that his Marxist revolution will succeed where every other one has failed? What makes him think that we will get to his utopia and justify all of the destruction it has taken and will take to get us there?

Is destroying America with the weight of our entitlement programs worth the destruction we see across our nation?

Mr. President, the problem with destroying America in order to save it is the destruction.  Oh, and your method of salvation resulted in more deaths in times of peace in the 20th century than have died during all of the wars in the history of the world combined!

Your salvation by destruction has been repeatedly proven to really be destruction that only leads to more destruction.  If your plans are really so good for America, why did you not tell us the truth when you were running for President?  If America knew the truth about your “American Dream,” you never would have been elected President in the first place.  If the Cloward-Piven Strategy is so great for America, why don’t you just come out and tell us that it is a scheme to redistribute American wealth and overburden our economy until it collapses, so that our capitalist, free-market society can be replaced with Socialism?

Your “American Dream” doesn’t quite make for much of a press conference, does it?


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