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Saul Alinsky & Westboro Baptist Church

If you’re like me, you’ve had a hard time understanding Westboro Baptist Church.

They are portrayed as fundamentalist Christians who are making a stand against homosexuality.  Nothing unusual so far, right?  The extremely unusual part is that they picket funerals of AIDS victims holding signs that say “God Hates Fags!”

But apparently picketing the funerals of AIDS victims was not extreme enough for them, so they moved on to picketing military funerals.  They say that military deaths are the just wrath of God against people who fight to defend a nation that accepts gays.  In recent news, Westboro Baptist Church has said they will picket the funeral of one of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing as well as a memorial service for the victims of the explosion last week at a West, TX fertilizer plant. More of the just wrath of God against our gay loving nation, according to Fred Phelps and Westboro Baptist Church.

Fred Phelps at Wikipedia
Westboro Church at Wikipedia
Westboro Baptist Church website GodHatesFags.com

Whenever these people picket and protest in un-Christian, un-Biblical ways, the media announces that “Westboro Baptist Church,” “pastor Fred Phelps,” and their “members” are at it again.  But there is a lot that the media is not telling you.

For example, “right-wing” Fred Phelps is actually a lifelong Democrat.  He unsuccessfuly ran for office as a Democrat on five different occasions. He supported Al Gore and Bill Clinton, before later opposing each of them when they each switched their position on gay marriage.  I wonder why the media always says “right-wing Fred Phelps” instead of “Democrat Fred Phelps.”

Also, Phelps isn’t exactly a pastor and Westboro Baptist Church isn’t exactly a church.  Phelps and his wife moved to Topeka, KS when he was called to pastor a church there.  However, he was kicked out of the church and then founded the original Westboro Baptist Church.  When that church failed, Phelps tried door-to-door sales, fathered 13 children, became a lawyer, and was disbarred by the Kansas Supreme Court before he began picketing funerals of AIDS victims in the early 90’s.  His so-called church is now only made up of his family members.  It doesn’t take much research to discover these facts about Phelps.  I wonder why the media continues to call his family a “church” and Phelps a “pastor,” when neither are accurate.

Saul Alinsky

I had a lot of trouble understanding “Westboro Baptist Church” until I read a story about Saul Alinsky in a pamphlet by David Horowitz. I think the story about Alinsky will help you understand what is really going on with “Westboro Baptist Church.”

Alinsky was speaking to students at Tulane University about community organizing, and a group mentioned that they were considering picketing in protest at an upcoming speech by George H.W. Bush (before he was President) about the situation in Vietnam (before the war).  Alinsky advised against picketing the speech, because the students could potentially find themselves in trouble with their school and, more importantly, picketing would not be very effective.  Instead, Alinsky suggested, the students should attend the speech dressed as members of the K.K.K., cheer every time Bush said something they disagreed with, and wave signs that said “The K.K.K. supports Bush.”  Rather than directly oppose Bush, Alinsky advised politically destroying him by causing him to be wrongly associated with the evil of the K.K.K.

When you consider the fact that nobody else in the history of Christendom has interpreted the Bible, Christianity, sin, etc. the way that so-called “Westboro Baptist Church” does, and the fact that Phelps and his “church” have been enemies of gay rights who have really only helped the gay rights movement, the most logical conclusion is that Phelps is basically doing the same thing Alinsky told those Tulane students to do.

Rather than directly oppose Christians and those who believe in a definition of marriage that means, well, marriage, Phelps and his “church” are seeking to politically destroy Christians, Baptists, and those who oppose gay rights by wrongly associating them with a staged religious wacko and his fake church.

A lot of people see Phelps, his “church,” and his “God Hates Fags” signs, and they think, “people who oppose gay rights are like that guy? I don’t want to be like him.”  The lie feeds on the false dichotomy that either you support gay rights or you are a lunatic like Fred Phelps. The lie ignores the fact that there’s at least one other plausible position on gay rights: the Biblical Christian position.

This “most logical conclusion” is admittedly an illogical one.  But is it more illogical than it would have been to suggest that George Bush’s K.K.K. “supporters” were actually disguised anti-war college students?? 

Regardless of their motives, the most important thing to remember about the Phelps family (a.k.a. Westboro Baptist Church) is that opposing the family/”church” is not the same thing as opposing Biblical Christianity.  Biblical Christians oppose them too, and find it both absurd and insensitive when they picket funerals with those signs!

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