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“I Once Was Blind”

Lime Green!?

If things that are not lime green look lime green to you, could that mean that you might have had a concussion?  If so, I might have had a concussion!

Louisville got a bunch of snow the last couple of days- I think I heard that we got 5 inches Thursday!  Thursday afternoon a couple of my roommates and I went to “Dog Hill” at Cherokee Park.  A couple had an inner tube like the kind you pull people on behind a boat, except it is made to use like a snow sled.  They let us use it.

The second time I went down the massive “Dog Hill” on the borrowed tube, I was determined to go fast!  I had the need, the need for speed.  So I ran pretty quickly- as quickly as a tall, lanky guy can run in old tennis shoes in the snow, at least.  At the top of the hill I jumped on the tube and away I went.

As soon as I got started, the tube spun around so that I was looking back up the hill- unable to see anything in front of me.  What was in front of me was a ramp that some kids had made of packed snow.  This might not sound like much, and if you had seen it then you would say that it didn’t really look like much either.  That’s what I thought, at least.  Before I hit it with a pretty good head of steam.

As I slid down the hill without knowing what was in front of me, I wondered where that ramp was that those kids had built.  And then hit the ramp.  I don’t know how long I was in the air, but I was in the air long enough to think I might not ever come down.  In addition to being on my stomach with my feet toward the bottom of the hill, the tube was at an angle where I couldn’t see where the ground was.  I didn’t think I would ever land!

The first thing that hit the ground was the tube.  The second thing that hit the ground was my chin.  Hard!  I closed my eyes on impact, and when I opened them everything around me was lime green.  Yes, I said lime green.  The snow was lime green.  The sky was lime green.  The trees and people around me were lime green.  Everything was lime green.

I had just started going down the hill, and still had a lot of hill left, so once I shook my head a couple of times and everything was back to the color it was supposed to be I rested my head on the tube and coasted down the rest of the way.

So, is seeing lime green a symptom of a concussion?


January 9, 2010 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. Great story! I’m glad the lime green vision was only temporary. That could have made for a tough time picking out clothes, decorations for the house, determining if the bread is moldy, etc. Dude – what’s going on with you?!

    Comment by Billy Newhouse | January 15, 2010 | Reply

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