Eyes That See

“I Once Was Blind”

Chapter 1

Gaby knew she shouldn’t be there.
A married woman should not be alone with a man in his apartment- and especially not with a man like Jude.

“Maybe I can help him,” she thought.  But she knew the real reason she was there: she missed him.  They grew up together, always finding some kind of trouble or another.  Speaking of growing up and trouble, she would never forget when her mom had walked in on them- and kicked her out of the house- in their teenage years.

With nowhere else to go, she moved in with him.  He had enough trouble paying the rent and feeding himself, but he promised her that he would find a way to provide for her too.  It turned out that that way would find them.  They were walking one night when a short man wearing thick glasses and an expensive suit approached them.  He asked to speak with Jude, and pulled him aside.  They spoke for a few minutes, and then the man in the suit pulled out his wallet.  He gave Jude two one-hundred dollar bills and the two shook hands.

When Jude walked back over to her, he told her that they would not have to worry about rent or food this month.  “How?” she asked, as the man in the suit approached them.
“Go with him,” Jude replied.   She did not trust the man in the suit, but she trusted Jude, and so she went.

Jude was not in the apartment that night as she cried herself to sleep, and he was not there when she woke up.

When he came home, his usual confidence and charm were missing.  “Do you like being poor and hungry?” he asked.  “Do you like worrying about how we’ll pay for food and rent?”

“Of course not,” she responded, “but we’ll figure out a way- just like you said.”

“That’s just it,” he said. “I’ve figured out a way.”  As he said this, he pulled out a long, black dress that looked too slim for any woman to wear.  He held it out to her, without looking at her tear-stained face.  As she took it she peeked at the price tag- nearly two hundred dollars.

“Was this the money from last night?” she asked, as the memory and the tears came back.  “I thought that was supposed to be for rent and food.”  As she watched him struggle to find the words, she understood.

As time went on, what she did never got any easier.  But she did cry less and less, and Jude let her keep more and more of the money she earned.  Soon she was not the only girl “working” for him.

And now here she was, alone with him again.  The apartment and the clothes had changed, but he was still the same Jude.


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