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Why is abortion a “choice” we should defend?

Rape is a choice, and a choice nobody (I hope) defends. Not all choices are good choices, and we neither should nor do defend all choices. The “pro-choice” stuff is just an effort to distance abortion from abortion. Abortion is an ugly reality, so those in favor of it realize they will find more allies with the label “pro-choice” than with the more accurate label “pro-abortion.”
Nonetheless, why is abortion a choice that we should defend?


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  1. Sadly, I hate to tell you, people do defend rape. I have met a LOT of complete jerks (mostly guys, but some women too) who think that rape is fine.

    Comment by immatureinabottle | March 24, 2010 | Reply

  2. abortion is an ugly reality but there is more to making that choice than you realize.

    And women should have a right to controll their bodies…

    Comment by Sex, Spirit & Soul Mates....Ivonne's Journey | May 26, 2010 | Reply

  3. because you can never put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Because the world is overpopulated as it is. the last thing we need is unwanted babies. because women will still do it even if its illegal. They will be forced into a back ally clinic with poor care and improper sterilization. Then not only does the ‘baby’ die, so might the woman.

    Abortion is not rape. you cannot compare the two AT ALL. but what if she was raped? should she have to keep that baby? what if she is broke and alone? What if her family will disown her. What if she just doesn’t fucking want it?

    You are not god, you have no right to judge, it is not your place to dictate to others. You will never understand and you can never know how it feels unless you are there living it. You are right. it is an ugly reality. the key word there is reality. it is not going away. deal with it.

    Comment by marywhitney | June 13, 2010 | Reply

  4. Why is restricting people from making decisions pro-life?

    Encouraging viruses to breed is pro-life, and a pro-life attitude nobody (I hope) defends. Not all pro-life is good pro-life, and we neither should nor do defend all life. The “pro-life” stuff is just an effort to convince you fetuses are babies. Religious bigotry is an ugly reality, so those in favour of it realise they will find more allies with the label “pro-life” than those with the more accurate label “religious bigots who think they can tell other people how to run their lives”.
    Nonetheless, why is pro-life a system that we should defend?

    Comment by freeze43 | September 1, 2010 | Reply

  5. People who label themselves “pro-choice” argue that legalized abortion is an example of women maintaining reproductive health, and therefore to oppose abortion is to be anti-woman. Since it is wrong to be anti-woman they argue that one is a bad person for being against a woman making a bad choice.

    Comment by Peter Kubicki | September 18, 2010 | Reply

  6. I wrote a blog on this entitled, “The Human Right to NOT Pay for an Abortion”.

    Comment by Peter Kubicki | September 18, 2010 | Reply

  7. Who decides when Life begins? It is said We judge a value of a person based on age. If a painter painted a picture that we found beautiful, but he found ugly, could he not rip it up and start again? God is our painter and decides the value of life, if we choice to say we are in control which many people do, our morals would always be changing in different situations, some morals believing it is alright to kill a person. We must realize when we say the words, “ they will never know anyways” those are the same words people use to spend money on drugs, murder, commit suicide, gamble, rape, and lie. People need to connect that there is something similar in all of these, sin, and no hope. But there is hope is Christ who finds value and love for us before we are even made.

    Comment by John Cissel | October 1, 2010 | Reply

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  9. “Sex, Spirit, & Soul Mates…” you said that “abortion is an ugly reality.”

    Do you really believe that? You and I have been indoctrinated, my friend. We have been taught that “abortion is an ugly reality, but…” fill in the blank. Do you really believe that it is an ugly reality? How ugly of a reality is it?

    If you really believe that it is an ugly reality, then why do you defend it??

    Thanks for reading and for the comment!

    Comment by bigham | October 12, 2010 | Reply

  10. marywhitney,

    you also say that abortion is an “ugly reality.” and you also defend it.

    what if we dealt with all ugly realities the way we currently deal with abortion, and the way that you argue we should continue to deal with abortion.

    Rape and murder and theft and child prostituation and sex trafficking are all realities, and unfortunately none of them are likely to go away as long as there are sinful human beings living together on this blessed and cursed earth.

    Should we legalize all of those “ugly realities,” so long as they are done in a “clean” and “safe” environment inside “rape clinics” or “murder clinics” or “child prostitution clinics”?

    Those are all “choices.” Why do you not defend them the way that you defend abortion?

    Comment by bigham | October 12, 2010 | Reply

  11. freeze43,

    Are you seriously comparing an unborn baby to a virus?

    Pro-life is a system we should defend because abortion is always killing an innocent, unprotected baby, and it very often either physically or emotionally damages the woman who has an abortion.

    Those babies are alive before the procedure, dead afterwards, and the procedure kills the baby. I know that you were not aborted (at least not successfully- I say that because Gianna Jessen is a woman who survived an abortion) because you are alive. If you had been aborted, then you would be dead. Simple as that. 50 million Americans since Roe v. Wade- people just like you and me- are not alive because they were aborted.

    I was once on your side of this issue. That was back when I could sit back and think of it as merely an “issue.” I now know that it is more than that. It is life and death. I know that because I know that with abortion a baby always bleeds, and always dies. You can’t look a woman who has been raped in the face and speak of rape as merely an “issue.” Similarly, you can’t see real pictures of aborted babies and watch women go into a so-called clinic to have an abortion and still call abortion merely an “issue.” I’ve watched somewhere in the ballpark of 2,000 women go into an abortion clinic. That’s somewhere around 2,000 bleeding, dead babies who never got a chance to see a sunrise or a sunset, a mountain or a valley, the waves crashing against the beach, or anything else outside their mothers’ wombs. They never got to hear Johnny Cash or Elvis or Lynyrd Skynyrd. They never got to feel loved by their mommy or daddy or brothers or sisters.

    That, in rambling, probably less-than-coherent babbling, is why pro-life is a system we should defend. 🙂

    Comment by bigham | October 12, 2010 | Reply

    • We have to ensure that the labels we give movements are legitimate. To say that you are ‘pro-life’ doesn’t really help us. “anti-abortion” is far more appropriate. You do, I can at least assume with a respectful degree, eat meat. Someone defined as “pro-life” would try to avoiding eating anything really.

      I find the suggestion that it kills babies very interesting. Are you opposed to contraception in any form? Masturbation? These actions also ‘kill babies’- potential, essential features that are required for babies to exist. To that end, would you be angry at people who are abstinent, not allowing sperm and egg to meet and therefore produce (eventually) a baby as well?

      Very recently I received some fairly compelling arguments for anti-abortion from a respectful source, but while I am still undecided about the issue, I am certain I am not convinced by the more mainstream arguments such as this one.

      Elvis? My kid would be a Beatles fan 🙂

      Comment by freeze43 | October 20, 2010 | Reply

      • freeze43,

        thanks again for commenting.

        I will gladly accept the label of “anti-abortion,” but those on the other side are very committed to opposing the label “pro-abortion.”

        the mainstream pro-life/anti-abortion arguments are way better than the mainstream pro-choice/pro-abortion ones. you used a couple here, so let’s take a look at them.

        The things that they compare an unborn baby to are often ridiculous, and sometimes downright offensive. You compared her to a virus in your previous comment, and to an animal in this one. I’ve heard people compare her to a cist. An article we read in one of my Political Science classes in college compared her to an acorn (acorn is to tree as fetus is to person).

        This argument is as easy to counter as a human fetus is difficult to find something to which she compares. This is because humans in general have no comparison. But, as far as comparisons go, a virus or a cist are certainly poor efforts. However, they are probably a little closer than an acorn. Plants and animals are more different than apples and oranges, and we all know that we don’t compare apples and oranges!

        The comparison with meat only works for the label “pro-life,” obviously. We agree that anti-abortion is a more accuratel label, and I assume that there is no need to discuss the difference in the value of humans and cows or chickens.

        As for contraceptions, I am opposed to those which are abortifacients. Masturbation, however, is not killing babies. Big difference in sperm and what happens when sperm fertilizes an egg and that fertilized egg is implanted on the uterine wall, etc. etc.

        There is a Christian book called “Sex Is Not the Problem, Lust Is.” Same is true for masturbation. Masturbation is not the problem, lust is (although I’m not sure it’s possible to have one without the other…)

        Comment by bigham | October 20, 2010

      • Why is lust a problem? It’s a very natural impulse. One that should be kept in check, but not suppressed. Masturbation too is a very natural act performed by many different animals, humans included.

        Humans are animals. We share 99.5% of our genetic material with that of chimpanzees. At the very basic buidling blocks of nervous systems that a fetus *may* have, we can say with certainty that a pig, cow etc. slaughtered at maturity will certainly bleed and suffer more. What makes the abortive suffering any more important?

        Why is there, in your opinion, a big difference between killing sperm and killing egg+sperm? For that matter, what is the big, definable difference between having a period (that is, to kill an egg) and having an abortion?

        I agree that pro-choice should define itself a pro-abortion.

        I definitely appreciate this forum to openly discuss ideas without ad hominens and what have you. You are a pleasure to talk with 🙂

        Comment by freeze43 | October 20, 2010

      • Hey! Sorry for the extra-late response. Maybe you haven’t given up on me answering. First, thank you for the compliment at the end of your comment. Contrary to what my absence might suggest, I have also enjoyed this discussion. Such discussions far too often involve both sides committed to being right, rather than both sides seeking to understand truth. That doesn’t seem to be the case here, which is great!

        Your argument seems to go like this (correct me if I’m wrong). Lust is a natural impulse, therefore it cannot be wrong.

        I would argue that lust is BOTH a natural impulse AND wrong. The Bible (if that is not an authority for you, bear with me) tells us that our nature was fundamentally changed as a result of Adam and Eve’s sin. We were created in the image of God, and charged to rule over His creation. When God created the first humans, He declared them “good.”

        However, after their disobedience, God punished Adam and Eve and their posterity (good word, HT to our Founding Fathers). Man, who was charged with ruling over creation, was cursed and God declared that his work would be difficult. Woman, who was created to be man’s companion and helper, was cursed and God declared that the relationship between men and women would be difficult (this brings up the issue of gender roles, which I’d be glad to discuss later- but is too big/important of a topic to discuss briefly and in passing here).

        The New Testament has a lot to say about human nature, and none of it is good. I actually got on my blog for the first time in a long time to write something about “the fall” (when Adam and Eve sinned and were punished), our human nature, and why.

        Jesus and the authors of the New Testament consider humans physically alive but spiritually dead, enslaved to our human nature, and say that none of us seek God or could obey Him if we wanted to. They even go so far as to say that it is impossible to please God on our own.

        I’ll go into why I think creating a world like this was God’s plan from the beginning, and why, in the post I’m about to write. (As well as the best news we could ever hear: that is not the end of the story for us! The reality of our “relationship status” with God is likely much worse than you’ve ever realized, but God has done something about it and there is boundless hope and joy available to us through what He has done- which is most glorious once we see the despair we should rightly feel apart from His grace and mercy!)

        The Bible is an authority to me, but I believe these things both because it is the Bible AND because it makes more sense than anything I’ve heard/read from science, philosophy, or anything else. I enjoy science and philosophy, but I think they have limitations. I think they each fail to sustain a comprehensive worldview, and are each best considered as complimentary to Biblical Christianity- which supports a comprehensive worldview vastly better than any alternative.

        Comment by bigham | February 2, 2011

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    • Does that mean that an unplanned pregnancy interfered with your music career? Or was that some sort of a blanket response to try to get people to your blog?

      Comment by bigham | February 2, 2011 | Reply

  13. The correct or incorrect-ness of a particular behaviour is up to cultural requirements, not actions. As an atheist I don’t have any cosmic moral order, rather base my morality on more philosophical ideals such as the Categorical Imperative by Kant and general goodwill humanism. For the cause of ensuring an effective society with happy individuals (for which there are few more noble causes) lust should be understood, accepted and responsibly adjudicated by people using their own judgment and free will. The natural-ness or ‘unnatural-ness’ (as if we had any choice to be unnatural) of a decision
    does not concern me- its intention and outcome do.

    I don’t feel the Bible is a good moral teacher, let alone its capacity to talk about nature and now scientific domains.

    How do you personally do it? How do you delineate what is effective Christian behaviour from the Bible and what is not? I agree there are some good passages in the Bible regarding morality, but there are also very poor ones, encouraging the subjugation of women, slavery, genocide and infanticide. I’ve always been curious as to what is chosen and how.

    Comment by freeze43 | February 3, 2011 | Reply

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