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“I Once Was Blind”

She Said, He Said

Thank God for people who believe differently than I do.  My best thoughts in defense of my beliefs have come from responding to such people.

A recent example happened in a discussion with an “escort” for the Louisville abortion clinic.  She, as many people do, suggested that our time and effort would be better expended elsewhere.  Somewhere other than in front of the abortion clinic, where we dodge escorts and traffic while trying to dissuade girls from killing their babies in the couple minutes or so it takes them to exit their car doors and enter the abortion clinic door.

She brought up the issue of orphans, both as a justification for abortion and as a better avenue for our time and efforts.  She, as these escorts often frustratingly do, made her point and turned her back on me to pursue a conversation with a fellow escort.  Nonetheless, I am grateful for her remarks.  She is wrong, of course, but she is also right.

She is wrong in saying that the evil of our orphan situation either justifies abortion or excludes the need for us to fight the evil of abortion.  However, she is right in pointing out the tragedy of the situation of orphans in this country. 

I hope to talk to her again soon, and plan to ask if she is doing anything to help orphans.  I hope she is, and that would be great to learn.  But, if she is not, then she uses one evil to justify another, while fighting neither.  My solution, and what I believe Jesus would have us do, is that we must fight both.  We must both fight abortion and adopt orphans.  The orphan situation in this country does not lead us to kill the orphans, and neither should it lead us to kill the unborn babies who may or may not become orphans. 

Orphans are, by and large, being robbed of the rights to liberty and the pursuit of happiness- at least to the extent that we enjoy these rights.  However, 60 million babies, each and every one of whom was just as American as you and I, have been robbed of the right to life.  Because all men are created equal- knitted together in their mothers’ wombs by God and in His image- all men have these inalienalbe rights, and we should fight both for the right of every unborn person to life, and the right of every unborn person and every orphan to liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


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