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Obama at the NAACP- Inconsiderate?

President Obama spoke at the annual meeting of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People yesterday, and two of his main topics were education and health care.

What would you think of a Jewish man who rose to address a gathering of German Jews during the Holocaust, and chose for his topic education and health care?  Moreover, if that Jewish man were also a Nazi (as absurd as that would have been), would it make sense for a gathering of Jews to choose him as their speaker?

Now, to be fair, abortion among the African-American community is not exactly like the Holocaust.  There are two spots where these two scenarios differ.  In the place of the Nazis and their death camps, we have African-American mothers who abort their babies and the very wombs where their babies lodge, and the two are worth comparing.  Secondly, if we take the number of Jews who were brutally murdered in the Holocaust and multiply that number by three, then the number is only slightly higher than the number of African-American babies who have been brutally aborted since 1973.

And, in this spirit of fairness, Obama is not the equivalent of what it would have been for a German Jew to also be a Nazi.  But, when you consider that the abortion toll among African-Americans more than doubles the next leading cause of death for their race, it is safe to call abortion the greatest modern enemy of the African-American community.  With this in mind, the tragic irony of our first African-American President being our most ardent abortion supporter to occupy the oval office, and of the NAACP choosing him to address their annual meeting is something like what it would have been for a Jew to attain to a prominent government position during the Holocaust and be chosen to address a gathering of German Jews.

Against this backdrop, President Obama failing to address abortion in the African-American community to the NAACP is as absurd as it would have been for a speaker addressing German Jews during the Holocaust to fail to address the mass murder of Jews.

To modern African-Americans, education and health care should be important issues, but significantly secondary to their greatest enemy- abortion.


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