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Either a Lie or the Dumbest Thing in History!

Sotomayor on whether or not the Obama administration knows her position on abortion:

“I was asked no question by anyone including the president about my views on any specific legal issue.” (quote from the newspaper sitting in front of me, and probably one near you- go read it!)

If this statement is true, then the Obama administration is just plain dumb- so I hope she is lying!  We are talking about appointing a person to a judicial position, where her “views on… specific legal issue[s]” will play a part in shaping our nation.  Anybody with a brain who has anything to do with such an appointment should ask questions that deal with both generals and specifics.

We the people and the Obama administration need to know Sotomayer’s position on both general and specific legal issues so that we know what to expect from her as a potential Supreme Court Justice, in order to decide whether or not she is fit for such a significant position.

Then again, we elected our current President without pressing him to answer important questions- we elected him without thinking critically.  The man said that the question of when life begins is above his pay grade.  How much is the President paid again?  Now, in one sense, he was right.  The question of when life begins is a question that can and should only be answered by God.  And, in the religious setting where he gave his answer, this could be what our President meant.

But, if that is the case, then he comes to a woefully wrong conclusion.  The fact that God is the only one who can and should, furthermore who DOES (Jeremiah 1:5; Psalm 139:16 for example), answer that question means that we should not take life which He gives. The fact that the question of when life begins rests above Obama’s pay grade, and above ours, means that abortion should be illegal!

I guess since we elected him without pressing him to answer very relevant questions to the office which he was seeking, we should expect no different from him when appointing Supreme Court Justices.

America, this is the change you believed in.


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  1. The answer doesn’t directly address the question.

    Q: Do they know your position?
    A: No one asked me my position.

    Comment by Chuck | July 16, 2009 | Reply

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