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Abortion is Neither the Beginning Nor the End of Abortion.

A couple of posts coming soon:

Abortion: Fruit not Root
Abortion is not the root problem, but the fruit of bigger problems- perhaps the biggest of which is our culture and the way in which it defines manhood and womanhood.  Our culture deceptively and destructively defines manhood and womanhood, and therefore people are deceived and destroyed in thinking that abortion is a better option than either adoption or parenting.

Abortion: Choosing Life Just the Beginning
Two couples who recently had appointments for abortions but chose life in Louisville really hit home to me that although choosing life is the answer, other issues arise when a woman/couple do so.  The first woman has a drug problem and the second is carrying the baby of a married man- who is not married to her.  As with other “defenses” of abortion, these issues are not valid defenses of abortion.  But, they raise valid concerns nonetheless.  We must not only help women/couples choose life, we must also help people with issues such as these which often lead women/couples to choose death.


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