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Word to the Wise

Any time you see foolishness like this:

“…practiced in Islam before Mohammad’s time…”

do not listen to what they have to say about the Bible! Pregnancyoptions.info gives advice to women who have become pregnant, and it is as poor as their understanding of religion. Just as there was no such thing as “Islam before Mohammad’s time,” there is no way to both read the Bible with an iota of intellectual honesty and conclude that any part of it condones abortion.

We must fight the notion that God is okay with abortion. Yes, the grace and mercy of God are big enough to forgive even the evil of abortion, but only because the blood of Jesus is powerful enough to cover even the greatest sins.

The only valid advice to a pregnant woman, before God, is not to abort. The only valid advice to a woman who has aborted, as with all sinners, is to repent and believe in Jesus, who alone can save her (and the rest of us). In Christ, the grace of God is free, but it is not cheap. The price for God was His only Son, and the price for us is that we acknowledge truth as such- including but not limited to acknowledging abortion as evil- and that we submit to Jesus Christ as Lord (which is itself merely acknowledging truth as such, for He is Lord whether we acknowledge it or not).


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