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Lauren F. Winner’s Thoughts on Sex

I just realized that this makes three straight posts that deal with sexuality.  I did not intend that to be the case, but I just read this quote and felt compelled to share:

Secular society tells us, simultaneously, that sex is no big deal and that it’s the most imporant thing in the universe. Sex is so banal and meaningless that we can have random, casual sex with our next-door neighbor, yet sex is so hugely significant that we can’t possibly live without it. So one challenge single Christians face is sensitizing themselves to and thinking critically about the confusing messages pop culture sends us about sex.” -Lauren F. Winner in “5 Paths to the Love of Your Life” (p.29)

Incidentally, I am looking forward to tackling the book in which I encountered this quote.  I am largely ignorant on how a single, Christian young man is to go about finding, getting to know, and pursuing lovely ladies in an effort to find the one created to be my helpmate. 

I am hesitant about the “courtship” model and the cookie-cutter gender roles that are predominant in some Christian circles, so I like that this book gives the courtship perspective in addition to four others on which to contemplate.  If you are a Christian single, I would encourage you to check out this book.


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  1. I’ve blogged through this book last year. You can check out my summaries and reflections here:

    Comment by Alex S. Leung | November 22, 2008 | Reply

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