Eyes That See

“I Once Was Blind”

“Come and Make Known Your Name!” (Poetry, Repost)

Oh come, Lord Jesus, and make known Your name!
May it be in heaven and earth the same!
When Your name is proclaimed on earth I pray,
Every knee would bow, every mouth would say:

“Come, Lord Jesus, take Your power and reign,
Because worthy is the Lamb who was slain!
By Your sinless blood You purchased Your throne,
And became a curse to call us Your own.”

May men, like the heavens and earth, obey.
Your will be done instead of ours, we pray.
May men, like angels, bow down before You.
May kings and princes praise and adore You.

Give us today Your bread of life, oh King,
And of Your grace, love, and power we’ll sing.
Lead us not into temptation, our Lord,
Keep us from evil by Your Word, our sword.

Forgive us of our many sins and debts,
For we’ve all fallen short and have regrets.
We will forgive those who have wronged us, too,
And mirror Your mercy out of love for You.

For kingdom, power, and glory are Yours,
Although this truth our sinful flesh abhors.
Spirit come upon us and do Your will,
For by Your power we can climb the hill.

Let us go to our King, outside the camp,
On Golgotha’s hill we’ll shine like a lamp.
Beside Him we’ll stand, despising the scorn.
Give us all a cross and a crown of thorns!


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