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Adulterous Wives

I was talking with someone who asked whether I believe that a murderer could be forgiven and attain heaven, while solely for not being a Christian Ghandi would go to hell.

The Lord blessed my mind at that moment and provided quite an analogy, I think. 

I asked the guy to think about this.  Imagine a husband and wife.  Imagine that this wife cheats on her husband.  Imagine that after her adultery she seeks to do everything within her power to make things right with her husband.  Any imaginable good that she could do, she does.  Would the husband be unjust if he were to refuse to reconcile with his adulterous wife, in spite of her mountainous efforts toward good works?

The reason that murderers, Ghandi, you, Muslims, Hindus, Mormons, Catholics, Protestants, black people, white people, Asian people, European people, African People, American people, and I all need Christ Jesus is because we are all the adulterous wife in that analogy.

We all stand guilty of spiritual adultery before God because we have both failed to do the good we should always do and done the bad that we should never do.  Therefore, a murderer who repents of his or her sins and believes in Jesus will have the atonement for sins, the satisfaction of the wrath of God, the reconciliation with God, and the adoption as a child of God that are only available in Christ Jesus.  On the other hand, if Ghandi did not repent of his sins and trust Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, then the wages for his sin is hell.

Therefore we, like the adulterous wife in the analogy, can do nothing on our own to attain forgiveness.  If she is to attain forgiveness it is only because of the amazing love of her husband.  So it is with us.

Our only hope is that the true God forgives us because of His amazing love.  We see such adultery-forgiving love portrayed by the prophet Hosea, who pictures the adultery-forgiving love of the true God.  My dear, adulteress friend, read the book of Hosea, and behold the amazing, adultery-forgiving love of the living God- which is only available in Christ Jesus!


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