Eyes That See

“I Once Was Blind”

“Evolution is Only an Unproven Theory”

From “Scripture” by Robert Saucy, p.177:

“Since evolution has never been demonstrated scientifically, there is no basis to charge the Bible with error in relation to creation.  Bible-believing scientists–and an increasing number of advocates of evolution–affirm that evolution is only an unproven theory.  Some years ago Gerald A. Kerkut, who is not a biblical creationist, wrote “Implications of Evolution” (Elmsford, N.Y.:Pergamon, 1960).  In it he set forth seven fundamental principles of the evolutionary theory.  None of these seven, according to Kerkut, has ever been proven.  More recently, with the increasing understanding of the amazing design of life forms and the finely calibrated interdependence of their parts, the validity of the concept of naturalistic evolution is even more questioned and its lack of factual support exposed.”


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