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“Misrepresentation of Alternatives”

Have you read Anthony Flew’s “There is a God: How the World’s Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind”?

Flew is the “World’s Most Notorious Atheist” mentioned in the title.  Before he “changed his mind,” he wrote some of the more influential works in favor atheism and was the atheist side of some famous atheist vs. Christianity debates.  However, he has recently converted from an atheist to a theist, on the basis of the argument for intelligent design.  However, he does not believe in any of the available revelation theories- i.e. The Divine Creator revealed Himself in a way believed by major religious groups such as Christianity, Islam, etc.

Sadly, proponents of the theory of evolution do not agree with Flew that we should “follow the evidence wherever it leads.”  Flew followed said evidence, and it led him to believe that there had to be a divine Creator.

I was doing some more research on Mr. Flew when I found out about his book, and came across a very interesting website: The “Truth in Science” organization.

If you are like me, a product of American public schools, then you know about evolution.  You may have even struggled to some extent with evolution and creationism, as I have.  If so, then the Truth in Science website will be as interesting to you as it has been to me.

Of particular interest was the Evidence for Evolution page, which is a bit misleading. The evidence there is actually evidence against evolution, but I guess the implication of the title is that the information there addresses the evidence for evolution, albeit from the perspective of the opposition.

One of my favorites that I read there, which inspired this blog, was Misrepresentation of Alternatives.  This particular page proposes some reasons for the widespread teaching and acceptance of evolution.  I think this is very important.  Evolution lacks the credibility professed by its proponents, but is still being taught in public schools.  Everybody knows that it is a theory, but it is not presented as a theory.  It was certainly not presented that way for me.  What about you?  In your experience, was the theory of evolution presented alongside other theories of similar levels of acceptance and evidence?  If alternatives were presented, were they presented as alternatives that were purely religious and had no scientific merit?  Was evolution presented as an all-or-nothing issue?

These are issues that are addressed on the “Misrepresentation of Alternatives” page by Truth in Science.  The page also points out that the common understanding of evolution vs creation as merely a science vs relgion debate is misleading.  The page also acknowledges that there is some evidence for small-scale evolution, but that this evidence is wrongly used as evidence for the entirety of the theory of evolution.  The theory leaves a plethora of questions unanswered, and I absolutely believe that it takes more faith to believe in the theory of evolution than it does to believe in intelligent design.

Here is the conclusion of the article:

The ways in which some textbooks present evolution and its alternatives are neither fair nor scientific. Rather than teaching pupils to think critically,  these textbooks are indoctrinating them using poor arguments. School children should be given the opportunity to properly understand different views on our origins, so that they can come to well informed conclusions about this important issue.


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