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Cause of African-American Deaths Since 1973

Cause of African-American deaths since 1973:
heart disease-2,266,789
cancer- 1,638,350
accidents- 370,723
AIDS- 203,695
violent crimes- 306,313
for a total of 4,785,870

African-American abortions since 1973: roughly 13,000,000

(statistics from the National Black Catholic Congress’ website)

I wonder how many potential Martin Luther King, Jr’s have failed to make it out of their mother’s womb.  African-Americans are absolutely right when they suggest that “the man” is holding them down.  However, white supremacy in this country is taking an unexpected angle.  Planned Parenthood- America’s largest abortion provider, which receives millions of dollars annually from the United States Government- targets urban, minority areas with their abortion clinics. 

Ironically enough, African-American federal tax dollars are finding their way into the predominantly white pockets of Planned Parenthood, while Planned Parenthood successfully accomplishes the goal of its founder Margaret Sanger.  That goal was to practice eugenics, that is the ‘science’ of controlling births such that favorable traits and qualities are more often reproduced than those that are less favorable, to keep minority births down.

I doubt that Sanger could have dreamed that her “Negro project” would ever have been as successful as the 13,000,000 African-American abortions that have taken place since 1973.

(Watch a video of a John Piper sermon where he speaks of Sanger.  “When is Abortion Racism?” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwnXyfVzSWs )

I mentioned Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who is best remembered for his “I have a dream” speach and for his martyrdom for the cause of bringing about his dream for the African-American people in this country.  I wrote a poem a couple of months ago titled “The American Dream.”  The title is a satire, tragically, because the “American dream” mentioned in the poem is anything but a dream.  It is a nightmare, and it starkly contrasts the dream that Dr. King spoke of.

“The American Dream”
Pharaoh and Herod blew their battle horns,
Not against men, but against the newborns.
Tragedy, yes, but today we would say:
“Pharaoh, Herod, you guys waited too late!”

For if you kill newborn babies, you’re jerks.
But us, we’ve evolved, just look at the perks.
We kill our babies before they can scream,
So we can live the American dream.

“Ma’am, your boss gripes ’bout maternity leave?
Well ‘it’s’ just an ‘it,’ no reason to grieve.
You’ll go under the knife one afternoon,
Then back to your life, ‘it’s’ over so soon.”

I have a thought I’d like to consider:
Moses put his staff in the Nile river,
And the water turned to blood all around.
Could it be that the blood rose from the ground?

Could this be the same blood from years before,
When upon male babies Pharaoh made war?
If that is the case, what about us then?
For we have killed Forty-seven million!

What if the blood of those babies would rise,
And red cover earth like blue covers skies?
Or must we have hard hearts like the Pharaoh,
Until God releases His due arrow?

For the bow is ready and the string is taut,
And the Hunter is just to shoot or not.
The blood of those babies is on our hands,
And in His eyes their blood covers our lands.


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