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Hamiltons Arrive at Southern

Dr. Jim Hamilton made his appearance Tuesday on the campus of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he has been hired as Professor of Biblical Theology.  His brother, yours truly, arrived the next day- I am starting the journey toward an MDiv at Southern this fall.  The Hamilton brothers could be seen bedecked with questionable attire.  My brother, the good Doctor, is representative of neither “us” in the name brand of the shorts he was wearing (F.U.B.U.), which he salvaged from some clothes that a former college basketball teammate of mine left in my house.

As for this Hamilton brother, I was hoping that the connection between Abercrombie and Fitch and their moose logo is unbeknownst to the Southern crowd, as said moose adorned both the flip flops and the shirt that I was wearing on Wednesday.  A&F was job number three out of four in my year-plus in Houston, TX- unless you count temp work- as I, arguably ill-advisedly, took the job for its flexibility and evangelism opportunities as I started classes (ok, one class) at Southwestern’s Houston campus. 

Anyways, “Pinky and the Brain” never did succeed in taking over the world, but perhaps my brother and I will be more successful in taking over Southern Seminary!


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