Eyes That See

“I Once Was Blind”

Way More Fun Than “Fishing in an Outhouse!”

Monday is now a day to look forward to!  Douglas Wilson has written a fictional book called “Evangellyfish,” and he is posting a chapter a week here until he has posted all of the chapters.  I titled this post based on this paragraph:

So here he was, a day later, playing teeter-totter in his soul, going back and forth about what he ought to do. He was a humble man, and did not mind seeking forgiveness where necessary. He had done so many times in his life, most recently for calling a young man a buffle-headed young dope during a counseling appointment. But this thing was different. Asking Chad’s forgiveness would involve talking with him, and talking to Lester was about as much fun as fishing in an outhouse. Of course, Mitchell had what a strict recording angel would have called “ample grounds” for all this, but he was still worked over by the whole thing. He did know that his feelings for Lester went somewhat beyond the legal limits of righteous indignation. But after what Lester had done to Cherie years before . . . and to all the other women Mitchell knew about . . . and then factor in the ones he didn’t know about, and the end result was a stew that Mitchell felt to be quite beyond his capacities to eat. But there was email. He could email an apology.


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