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“Daily Prayers” by F.B. Meyer

I visted The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary the other day, and while I was there I found some great deals in the LifeWay bookstore on campus.  They still had some books left over from the bookstore at the Together 4 the Gospel conference in April, and what they had left was an incredible 40% off of the already-50%-marked-down price (that’s a total of 70% off the original price for those of you trying to carry the 2 and drop the remainder).

As I pillaged the table of books, I came across a biography of F.B. Meyer that was written by Bob Holman titled “F.B. Meyer: ‘If I Had a Hundred Lives…'”  The subtitle of the book came from a Meyer quote that is on the back of the book, in which Meyer said, “If I had a hundred lives, they should be at Christ’s disposal.”  I had never heard of Meyer until I picked up that book, but the description of him on the back cover, in addition to the “steal of a deal” price, convinced me to purchase it.  Shortly thereafter I found a book of F.B. Meyer’s daily prayers, which is cleverly titled “Daily Prayers.”

The biography of Meyer in the beginning of “Daily Prayers” alone is worth any price, and maybe the entry for today, July 5, will compel you to treat yourself to a copy:

“Jesus Christ who makes morning and evening rejoice, shed in my soul your light, and love, and life, so that I may be as pure and radiant as alpine heights at dawn, and noon, and evening.”

(On the above link to Amazon.com search results for the book, the one I have is the hardback copy- which says it is currently unavailable.  I would assume the other options are different bindings of the same collection of prayers, but don’t hold me to that if I’m wrong!)


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