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A Couple Thoughts From the Minor Prophets…

Something that I have noticed in reading through the minor prophets lately is that the prophets were very outspoken towards those who were secure in their standing with God on the basis of a label. The people believed that they would be justified before God simply because they were Israelites. I had a couple of thoughts on this that I would like to share: 1) Jews still do this. A Jewish guy that I worked with (that I mentioned here) said that all Jews are going to heaven because they don’t believe in hell and, “where else are they going to go?” He still makes the fatal error that Jews in the days of the minor prophets made.

2) Many Christians follow in the footsteps of our spiritual heirs. I think that, in some ways, the decision for Christ, the sinner’s prayer, and baptism could be compared to circumcision. Many Jews were mistakenly secure in their justification on the basis of their label, Israelite, and a work, circumcision. Similarly, many who call themselves Christians are mistakenly secure in their justification on the basis of their label, Christian, and their works, a decision, a prayer, and baptism.

The God who created you will one day judge you. We are all guilty of many sins, and one sin that we are all guilty of is the sin that Satan, Adam, and Eve all committed: trying to be God. Satan thought he could do a better job than God, and his pride got him cast out of heaven. The serpent tempted Eve, saying that if she ate the forbidden fruit, then she would be “like God.” The failure of Satan, Adam, and Eve to obey God, and their pride in seeking to be “like God” resulted in the unleashing of all of the sin and evil that has ever been and that currently is in the world.

What do you expect will be the result of your failure to obey God, your pride in trying to be “like God,” and your thinking that you could do a better job than God? No label or works can redeem you from your position of ultimate guilt before the living God, who is too holy to look upon sin. The day of the Lord is coming; the day when the Lord Jesus Christ will judge the living and the dead. Regardless of who you are or what good you’ve done, you will be weighed in the balance and found wanting- unless your sins are washed in the blood of Jesus and you stand before God with His righteousness.

Your only hope is in the promises of God and the person of Jesus Christ. There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because God chose to look on Him who knew no sin. He poured out the wrath that we deserve on the Messiah, the Christ, Jesus. He alone is our refuge because He alone can forgive us for our sins. Trust in Him, and turn from your sins, and by faith you will receive His righteousness, forgiveness for your sins, reconciliation with God, and more.

What more, you might ask? The more is that those other things are the means to an end. By His work on the Cross, Jesus paid the debt for our sins and accomplished the perfect righteousness that we need to be reconciled with God.  Forgiveness and righteousness are ours by faith alone in Christ Jesus, and by His forgiveness and His righteousness He redeems us for Himself.

“Therefore let us go to him outside the camp and bear the reproach he endured.” -Hebrews 13:13


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