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Some things that I’d like to blog about in the near future:

Chiasms and a crazy thought that I had about the possibility that “redemptive history” forms a chiasm.  I wrote a paper for my seminary class on the book of Obadiah, and discovered what I think to be a chiasm in its 21 verses.  I learned pretty much everything I know about chiasms from my brother’s sermons on 1 & 2 Samuel and Daniel.  Then after reading something about chiasms in one of the books that I read for class, my thought process went something like:  if God is the ultimate author of the Bible and chiasms are common, then maybe He had a reason for doing that.  Chiasms often function to highlight whatever is in the middle of the content, with the beginning of the chiasm pointing forward to the middle and the end pointing backward to the middle.  The Bible kind of functions that way- with the Old Testament pointing forward to a coming Messiah and the New Testament pointing back to Jesus Christ as that promised Messiah.  Maybe “redemptive history” functions as a chiasm!  …then I started looking for things that correspond before and after Jesus and His Cross, and I think I may have found a few.  Or I could just be crazy, who knows?

Slightly related to that one is another one: the similarities between Paul and Moses and a crazy thought that I had about the possibility that Paul was in some/many ways the “Moses” of the New Testament (Although my great friend “Porterhouse” pointed out that the book of Hebrews compares Jesus to Moses).

I also have an idea for a poem- and probably the longest poem ever for me- about Plato’s allegory of the cave, and some Christian themes that I see there.  Hopefully this won’t spoil anything (I need all the “thunder” I can get), but some thoughts that I have on this:  that Christians can/do/sometimes feel as lost as Plato describes philosophers- they have “seen the light” and he says that they are useless to the “cave-dwellers” because they are so changed by their new discoveries; I’m thinking about trying to set the poem up in a Socratic dialogue-type format; and I’m thinking about trying to work in there somewhere/somehow that Christian wisdom transcends the “sun” as Plato described it in the allegory the same way that the “sun” transcended the fire in the cave, and the way that the fire transcended the shadows on the wall of the cave.

Knowing myself as I do, there is a decent chance that none of these will ever get done, so if any of these seem interesting to you, then you should probably get and stay on my case about them. 😉


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  1. Dave,
    These sound great dude. I think part of the chaistic structure of your life will be coming back to Houston…that’s like b’ I think.

    Seriously, we miss you dude….!!


    Comment by mercyswimming | May 29, 2008 | Reply

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