Eyes That See

“I Once Was Blind”

“The American Dream”

Pharaoh and Herod blew their battle horns,
Not against men, but against the newborns.
Tragedy, yes, but today we would say:
“Pharaoh, Herod, you guys waited too late!”

For if you kill newborn babies, you’re jerks.
But us, we’ve evolved, just look at the perks.
We kill our babies before they can scream,
So we can live the American dream.

“Ma’am, your boss gripes ’bout maternity leave?
Well ‘it’s’ just an ‘it,’ no reason to grieve.
You’ll go under the knife one afternoon,
Then back to your life, ‘it’s’ over so soon.”

I have a thought I’d like to consider:
Moses put his staff in the Nile river,
And the water turned to blood all around.
Could it be that the blood rose from the ground?

Could this be the same blood from years before,
When upon male babies Pharaoh made war?
If that is the case, what about us then?
For we have killed Forty-seven million!

What if the blood of those babies would rise,
And red cover earth like blue covers skies?
Or must we have hard hearts like the Pharaoh,
Until God releases His due arrow?

For the bow is ready and the string is taut,
And the Hunter is just to shoot or not.
The blood of those babies is on our hands,
And in His eyes their blood covers our lands.


March 28, 2008 - Posted by | Poetry

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  1. David,

    There is something going on in Canada right now that I thought you would find interesting. There is a bill in the process of being passed in the canadian government called Bill C-484. The bill protects mothers and their fetus in the event of a criminal act against them. It would in effect, protect the life of the fetus as separate and real from the mother’s. There is all kinds of controversy surrounding this bill because it acknowledges that the baby in there has LIFE and must be protected.

    How contradictory can we as humans get? We demand that when the fetus is wanted it must be protected by LAW and yet by law millions of babies each year are murdered for convenience sake. Why are we not protecting those children?

    Well written, and good on you for being brave enough to write this.

    Comment by kpauly | March 28, 2008 | Reply

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