Eyes That See

“I Once Was Blind”

“It Was For Joy That You Died For Me”

There was no joy for naked eye to see,
But it was for joy that You died for me*.

You asked Your Father if the cup could pass**,
But since it could not, You drank the whole glass.
For I sowed the seeds, plucked the grapes of sin,
And the wine of God’s wrath filled to the brim.
One drop of His wrath would send me below,
But to my cross in my stead You did go.

First You were flogged by a Roman soldier,
Then took Your own cross upon Your shoulder.
Then came the nails through Your wrists and Your feet.
Screams as the nails pierced nerves in agony.
Forced to push up on nail with bone for breath,
Until You last breathed and attained death.
For the Light came into the world, but men-
Being wicked and preferring their sin***-
Chose to snuff out the Light and save a thief.
Suppressing the truth****, forsaking relief.

So where is the joy in the rugged cross?
Where is victory in apparent loss?
To reconcile sinners with God above,
You laid down your life, there’s no greater love.
Your joy was in loving sinners like me,
And conquering death on Calvary’s tree.

There was no joy for naked eye to see,
But it was for joy that you died for me.

*Hebrews 12:2
**Matthew 26:39
***John 3:19
****Romans 1:18


March 26, 2008 - Posted by | Poetry

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