Eyes That See

“I Once Was Blind”

1 Woman vs. Many

1. I believe that 1, rather than many, is in accordance with the law of the Lord.
2. I believe that Jesus conquered death and was resurrected, putting the final stamp on His claim to be the Son of God and one with the Father- which means that He and the Bible that was written about Him have authority over my life.
3. I believe that it is truly better to be with 1 woman than to be with many.
a. You can reach a level of closeness, comfort, and unity with 1 that you could never reach with two, much less with more than that.
b. Studies show that couples in “monogomous marriages” are more satisfied with their sex lives than couples in “open marriages,” “unmarried couples,” or “singles” (The Kinsey Institute).
c. The kind of girl that a guy can set his sights on if pursuing 1 rather than many is different- and I believe better.
-In most cases, girl’s that are intelligent, confident, and beautiful will have nothing to do with a guy who openly pursues multiple women. She feels that she deserves a guy who is going to respect her and be faithful to her. And hopefully she will respect herself enough to have nothing to do with a guy who less openly pursues multiple women.
-To pursue multiple women openly, a guy must eliminate these high quality girls from consideration- sacrificing quality for quantity. To pursue them less openly, he must try to deceive them.


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