Eyes That See

“I Once Was Blind”

Who is in the Center of Your Universe?

How can a person go from unbelief and being convinced that Christians are misled to belief and knowing without a doubt that unbelief is wrong, as I have?


If you put yourself in the center of your “solar system”, Christianity makes no sense. “I am not perfect”, “There was a man 2000 years ago who was better than me”, and all of the sacrifice and self-denial of human/sinful desires, which Christians hold to, are difficult, if not impossible, to swallow if the god that you worship is (put your name here).

Similarly, once God opens your eyes, ears, and heart to the Truth and the flood of evidence for the existence of God and the Truth of His Word washes over you, it is difficult to comprehend how unbelievers do not see, hear, and understand.

I thank God for my years of unbelief (even if I still say that I was stupid). I believe that God gave me those years for a number of reasons. Here are 2:
1) So that I may not boast. I turned my back on God and deserved the full fury of His wrath. It is only by His infinite love and mercy that I was given the Truth.
2) So that I have a pretty good understanding of the way unbelievers think.

I pray that God will use me to open eyes, ears, and hearts to seeing, hearing, and understanding.


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