Eyes That See

“I Once Was Blind”

My Story.

My story (well, this story at least) starts when I stopped reading the Bible in high school.
My parents recently brought me, along with some of my other belongings, my old Bible. The little ribbon bookmark is still in the page where I stopped six or seven years ago, in the book of Micah, somewhere between 4:8 and 7:7, since those are the two pages between which the bookmark still lies.

My brother had convinced me to try to read the entire Bible in one year a few years earlier, and that is as far as I got. The reasons for stopping that I remember were that I had heard most of the stories through all the years of Sunday School and Church, and that I was tired of the redundance of Israel becoming sinful and being oppressed, coming back to God and being delivered from their oppressors, repeat.

If you asked me to simplify those answers, I would say that I thought that I knew it all and that I was bored with the Old Testament and did not believe that it had any relevance in today’s world.

Turns out I really did know it all (sarcasm, gotta love it):
I, like Israel, turned my back on God. I, like Israel, fell into sin. I, like Israel, loved those sins more than I loved God. I, like Israel, was led away from God by my sins. I, like Israel, was oppressed (although my oppression was the oppression of unsatisfying sins that could not quench my unGodly desires).

How stupid does that make me look?

Imagine a guy reading a book about a guy who stubbed his toe. In the book, the next day, the guy is careful where he walks and does not stub his toe. The day after that, the guy forgets about stubbing his toe and how painful it was, and stubs his toe again. The day after that, the guy once again is careful not to stub his toe and avoids it.

How stupid would the reader of that book be if he put that book down, walked carelessly, and stubbed his toe?

How stupid am I for putting the Bible down, forgetting the life-lessons that I could have and should have learned from Israel, and walking blindly through this world, thus repeatedly stubbing my toe?

I am grateful to God that He chose to bring me back to Him by peaceful reason, rather than the forceful, whiplash-inducing crushing that my wicked, sinful, stupidness deserved. Thank you God for giving me eyes that see and ears that hear and a heart that understands.


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