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Running for State Rep

My fellow Texans,

Our thriving oil and gas industry, world famous healthcare industry, and education system have combined to make Texas the #1 state economy in the country. However, each of these economic pillars of our prosperity faces major challenges from big government.

Federal regulations threaten to choke our oil and gas industry. Obamacare will bankrupt our state budget in just a few years. Teachers in 80% of Texas public schools have been forbidden from discussing their curricula with administrators or parents. Big government has simply gone too far.

In the face of these challenges, we have important decisions to make.

Will we support the policies that have failed in Europe, California, and Detroit? Or will we return to the ideas of limited, constitutional government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets that made America the most powerful nation in the world, and Texas its greatest state?

If I am elected to serve District 27 and Texas as your State Representative, I will work hard to protect our oil & gas industry, while also pushing for more effective environmental health and safety measures.

I will protect our healthcare industry and our state budget by opposing Obamacare, and by proposing legislation that prohibits the federal government from draining our state coffers with unfunded mandates.

I will fight for our children and make sure that teachers are allowed – and encouraged – to discuss their curricula with administrators and parents; I will support more local control of public education, and efforts to give parents more freedom to choose where they send their children to school.

If we want to preserve the blessings of liberty for our next generation, we must elect true leaders who will face our challenges with courage. I pledge to be that kind of leader for you.


David Hamilton
Candidate for District 27 State Representative

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Comrade Obama

My biggest problem with President Obama being a socialist is not that he is a socialist.

My biggest problem is that he ran for president by inspiring millions of Americans with his campaign to reform America with “hope and change,” instead of standing before the American people and saying, “what America needs now is socialism. I am a socialist, and if you elect me then I will lead America toward socialism.”

That’s what he meant when he said he was going to “fundamentally transform America.”

Also, now that he is president, he does not openly advocate for socialism. He believes – like Antonio Gramsci & Saul Alinsky before him – that the only way we will have a socialist America is if socialism replaces democracy after a major economic collapse.

He wants a socialist America because he thinks that’s what’s best for us, but he didn’t openly campaign that way & he doesn’t openly lead us that way.

Obama lied to us from the start of his campaign about his socialist goals, and he’s been lying to us about them ever since then.


Because he thinks he knows what’s best for us, and he thinks we’re too dumb to realize socialism is what’s best for us.

He thinks we’re so dumb that if he told us the truth & gave us a choice, we would choose freedom over socialism. And because we’re so dumb, he can’t tell us the truth or give us a choice in the matter.

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Come & Take It

Once upon a time, when Tejas was a territory of Mexico, the Mexican government decided to strengthen the national government by taking away the rights of individual territories and individual citizens.

When the original Texans opposed this government overreach, the Mexican government decided to repossess a cannon that belonged to the residents of Texas. The Texans’ response was the now famous Texas saying, “Come & Take It.”

It turns out that Texans have never taken it too kindly when the government tries to take away our rights, or our arms.

Perhaps the folks in Washington D.C. who want to take away our rights, including our 2nd Amendment rights, should brush up on their Texas history.

“Come & Take It”

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No Answers, No Justice

It’s been almost three years since December 14, 2010, the night that Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed.

Two AK 47 rifles were found at the scene, which were traced to ATF operation “Fast and Furious,” in which over 2,000 high-powered weapons were put in the hands of gun runners for Mexican cartels.

Supposedly the purpose was to track the guns to the cartels & catch a “big fish” or two, rather than merely arrest a couple gun runners or low-level cartel thugs.

The problem with this explanation is that exactly zero of the guns were tracked once they crossed the border into Mexico, and there was exactly zero communication about the operation with Mexican authorities.

No phone call to say, “by the way we’re giving 2,000 guns to drug cartels. Just thought you should know.”

Almost three years. Still no answers from the Obama administration. Still no justice for Brian Terry or his family. Still no media coverage.

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Communists & Wolves

From a 1966 Paul Harvey article titled “The Eskimo and the Wolf”:

I shall now recite the manner in which an Eskimo kills a wolf.
The Eskimo coats his knife blade with blood and allows it to freeze there.
Then the Eskimo adds another layer of blood, and then another.
As each succeeding smear of blood freezes to the blade of the knife the Eskimo adds an additional coating until the blade is concealed by a substantial thickness of frozen blood.
Then the knife handle is buried in the frozen ground with the blade up.
The marauding wolf follows his sensitive nose to the scent and tastes the fresh-frozen blood…
And licks it…
More and more vigorously the wolf licks at the bait until the keen edge is bare.
Feverishly now, he licks harder…
In the arctic night so great becomes his craving for blood that he does not notice the razor-sharp sting of the naked blade on his own tongue.
Nor does he recognize the instant at which his insatiable thirst is being satisfied by his own warm blood…
‘More!’ His carnivorous appetite craves, ‘more!’
Until dawn finds him dead in the snow.

Eskimos have discovered that if you want to kill a wolf, the easiest way to do so is to trick the wolf into killing itself.

Likewise, after failing for many years to destroy America from without – the fangs and claws of freedom-loving Americans are not entirely unlike those of wolves – American Communists have discovered a way to trick us into destroying ourselves.

There are only about 20,000 Communists in America today; however, they wield substantial influence over American public policy.

Communists in America are destroying us by coating their destruction of our country as we know it (the knife) with entertainment and comfort (the blood). More specifically, they have infiltrated and gained control of our labor unions. They use the benefits they provide their union members to demand obedience from them – you want union membership and benefits, you protest this policy and vote for that candidate. Using their control of union members, the comrades control the Democratic Party by block voting for policies and politicians they prefer.

This is a substantial claim – that Communists control our labor unions, and use the union members to control the Democratic Party. A claim this substantial needs proof.

I offer four pieces of evidence as proof, two of which prove Communist control of the unions and the other two prove Communist control of the Democratic Party.

The evidence is as follows:
1) Union support of amnesty
2) Union support of Obamacare
3) The Democratic Party platform is parallel to the Communist goals for America
4) The Democratic Party decision in favor of Barack over Hillary in 2008

1) Union support of amnesty
Before 1995, when the Communists took control, labor unions were the biggest opponents of amnesty. They rightly saw that granting citizenship to illegal immigrants would jolt the supply-demand relationship in the labor market, drive down wages, and thereby be very bad for union members. Now, the union leadership gives priority preference to the good of the Democrat Party over and against the good of their own union members. Amnesty will still be bad for union members, but amnesty will be extremely beneficial for the Democrat Party. So the union leadership supports amnesty, and requires their union members to do likewise.

2) Union support of Obamacare
Obamacare, like amnesty, will be bad for unions and good for Democrats. Congress passed Obamacare in large part because labor unions were outspoken in favor of it. On the doorstep of Obamacare implementation, labor unions think Obamacare is so great for union members that they are seeking an exemption. Union leaders were smart enough to know that Obamacare would be bad for union members from the beginning, but once again put the good of the party ahead of the good of their members.

3) Democrat Platform & Communist Goals
The current Democrat Party platform is indistinguishable from a list of “45 Current Communist Goals,” listed in a book called “The Naked Communist” that was written in 1958 by retired FBI agent Cleon Skousen. Skousen’s list of Communist Goals became a Congressional Record in 1963. Here is the Congressional Record: http://www.uhuh.com/nwo/communism/comgoals.htm

4) Democratic Party Chooses Barack Over Hillary
To most of the Democratic Party leadership, 2008 was not supposed to be the year America elected our first black president. 2008 was supposed to be the year we elected our first female president. It was Hillary’s time, it was Hillary’s year. Then out of nowhere, a freshman Senator from Illinois stole the show and started piling up primary victories. How did he do it? With the full support of the labor unions, who believed that a President Obama would be more favorable to their agenda than a President Hillary would be. The labor unions and Communist Party support of Obama over and against Clinton is well documented in Trevor Loudon’s book “Barck Obama and the Enemies Within,” which outlines the impact of Communists and Socialists on the Obama campaign and in his administration.

Friends, I doubt any of you would care enough about a wolf to stop him from licking himself to death on the Eskimo knife trap- unless you are a PETA member. However, if you love America and believe that the freedoms we inherited from our founding fathers, the freedoms our troops have fought and died for, are worth preserving for ourselves and our posterity, we must act.

It is time to wake up, stand up, and defend the freedoms that are stitched into every single star and every single stripe of “Old Glory.” It is time to expose and oppose Communist influence in the Democratic Party.

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Psychiatric Drugs, Violent Video Games & Unarmed Victims

The D.C. Naval Yard shooter had these factors in common with the majority of mass shooters in U.S. history:

Mental health issues treated by psychiatric drugs (which cause detachment- meaning the drugged person feels about killing real people the way a non-drugged person feels about playing a violent video game), played a lot of violent video games (which de-sensitizes people to killing, especially when combined with psychiatric drugs), and he chose a gun-free zone.

Politicians in both parties take a whole lot of “campaign donations” from big pharmaceutical companies to ignore the connection between psychiatric drugs & mass shootings.

A lot of people play violent video games and never end up going on a real life mass shooting rampage. So while nearly all mass shooters previously played violent video games, not all violent video gamers are mass shooters. However, the connection between the two has popped up frequently enough to warrant some serious thought & discussion.

Lastly, we must realize that violent, gun-toting criminals love gun-free zones & gun control. When politicians respond to mass shootings by calling for more gun control & more gun-free zones, we must remind them that gun control & gun-free zones make the criminals safer & their victims more vulnerable- which is obviously backwards.

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The Jailbreak

“Tonight’s the night,” he thought, as he peered through the bars that were the only thing standing between him and freedom.

He would wait until he could be certain the guards were asleep.

His cell was sturdy, but had a major weakness. There was no ceiling above the bars, so all he had to do was climb his way to freedom. He had previously been too small and weak to make the climb, but he had recently grown in both strength and stature.

He made his move! Up and over the bars, and then down to the floor below- freedom.

After basking in the success of his escape for a few minutes, he realized that his freedom was shackled by his loneliness.

So he picked up a plastic toy hammer on his bedroom floor, went to the door and started tapping the hammer while saying”Ma Ma” and “Da Da” repeatedly.

Soon the guards realized he had escaped, and Mommy and Daddy were astonished to find that 16-month-old Baby Brad had climbed out of his crib for the first time. :)

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The Treachery of Harry Hopkins

In the eyes of some people, Harry Hopkins was and is a hero.

Unfortunately, those who see him that way are either Russian or want a Marxist America.

Harry Hopkins was a traitor to America, & his treachery single-handedly caused the Cold War:


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Is North Korea a Democratic Republic?

Did you know that the communist, tyrannical dictatorship we know as North Korea calls itself the “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea” (DPRK)?

If you know what the words democratic & republic mean, then you know that neither of those terms apply to North Korea.

But if you know anything about Marxist/Socialist/Communist countries, then you also know that the rulers must keep the “commoners” ignorant.

They cannot know history & they cannot know what Marxism, socialism, communism, democracy, & republic really mean- because they must be deceived to believe that they chose tyranny over freedom & that tyranny is best for themselves & their country.

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Democrats & Revisionist History

From the “Did You Know?” section at FrederickDouglassRepublicans.com:

African Americans originally came to America unwillingly, having been stolen and sold by Muslim slave-catchers in Africa to Dutch traders journeying to America in 1619.

The Three-Fifths Clause dealt only with representation and not the worth of any individual.

In 1857, a Democratically controlled Supreme Court delivered the Dred Scott decision, declaring that blacks were not persons or citizens but instead were property and therefore had no rights.

The 13th Amendment to abolish slavery was voted for by 100% of the Republicans in congress and by 23% of the Democrats in congress.

Not one Democrat either in the House or the Senate voted for the 14th amendment declaring that former slaves were full citizens of the state in which they lived and were therefore entitled to all the rights and privileges of any other citizen in that state.

Not a single one of the 56 Democrats in Congress voted for the 15th amendment that granted explicit voting rights to black Americans.

In 1866 Democrats formed the Ku Klux Klan to pave the way for Democrats to regain control in the elections.

George Wallace was a Democrat.

Bull Connor was a Democrat.

In the 19th century, Democrats prevented Black Americans from going to public school.

In the 20th and 21st century Democrats prevented Black Americans trapped in failing schools from choosing a better school. In fact Democrats voted against the bill by 99%.

Jim Crow laws, poll taxes, grandfather clauses, Literacy tests, white only primaries, and physical violence all came from the Democratic Party.

Between 1882 and 1964, 4,743 individuals were lynched. 3,446 blacks and 1,297 whites. Republicans often led the efforts to pass federal anti-lynching laws and Democrats successfully blocked those bills.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican. His father, Daddy King was a Republican.

Though both the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 were signed into law under Democrat President, Lyndon Johnson, it was the Republicans in Congress who made it possible in both cases – not to overlook the fact that the heart of both bills came from the work of Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

In the 108th Congress, when Republicans proposed a permanent extension of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, it was opposed by the Congressional Black Caucus (composed only of Democrats).

Following the Civil War, Frederick Douglass received Presidential appointments from Republican Presidents Ulysses Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes, and James A. Garfield. Democratic President Grover Cleveland removed Frederick Douglas from office but Republican President Benjamin Harrison reappointed him.

Very few today know that in 1808 Congress abolished the slave trade. Although slavery still had not been abolished in all the states, things definitely were moving in the right direction.

By 1820, most of the Founding Fathers were dead and Thomas Jefferson’ party (the Democratic Party) had become the majority party in Congress.

In 1789, Congress passed the Northwest Ordinance that prohibited slavery in a federal territory. In 1820, the Democratic Congress passed the Missouri Compromise and reversed that earlier policy, permitting slavery in almost half of the federal territories.

In 1850, Democrats in Congress passed the “Fugitive Slave Law”. That law required Northerners to return escaped slaves back into slavery or else pay huge fines.

Because the “Fugitive Slave Law” allowed Free Blacks to be carried into slavery, this law was disastrous for blacks in the North; and as a consequence of the atrocious provisions of this Democratic law, some 20,000 blacks in the North left the United States and fled to Canada.

The “Underground Railroad” reached the height of its activity during this period, helping thousands of slaves escape from slavery in the South all the way out of the United States and into Canada – simply to escape the reach of the Democrats’ Fugitive Slave Law.

In 1854, the Democratically controlled Congress passed another law strengthening slavery: the Kansas-Nebraska Act. Even though Democrats in Congress had already expanded the federal territories in which slavery was permitted through their passage of the Missouri Compromise, they had retained a ban on slavery in the Kansas-Nebraska territory. But through the Kansas-Nebraska Act, Democrats repealed those earlier restrictions, thus allowing slavery to be introduced into parts of the new territory where it previously had been forbidden.

Following the passage of these pro-slavery laws in Congress, in May of 1854, a number of the anti-slavery Democrats in Congress – along with some anti-slavery members from other political parties, including the Whigs, Free Soilers, and Emancipationists, formed a new political party to fight slavery and secure equal civil rights for black Americans. The name of that party? They called it the Republican Party because they wanted to return to the principles of freedom and equality first set forth in the governing documents of the Republic before pro-slavery members of Congress had perverted those original principles.

One of the founders of the Republican was U.S. Senator Charles Sumner. In 1856, Sumner gave a two day long speech in the U.S. Senate against slavery. Following that speech, Democratic Representative Preston Brooks from South Carolina came from the House, across the Rotunda of the Capitol, and over to the Senate where he literally clubbed down Sumner on the floor of the Senate, knocked him unconscious, and beat him almost to death. According to the sources of that day, many Democrats thought that Sumner’s clubbing was deserved, and it even amused them. What happened to Democrat Preston Brooks following his vicious attack on Sumner? He was proclaimed a southern hero and easily re-elected to Congress.

In 1856, the Republican Party entered its first Presidential election, running Republican John C. Fremont against Democrat James Buchanan. In that election, the Republican Party issued its first-ever Party platform. It was a short document with only nine planks in the platform, but significantly, six of the nine planks set forth bold declarations of equality and civil rights for African Americans based on the principles of the Declaration of Independence.

In 1856, the Democratic platform took a position strongly defending slavery and warned: “All efforts of the abolitionists… are calculated to lead to the most alarming and dangerous consequences and all such efforts have an inevitable tendency to diminish the happiness of the people”.

It is worth noting that for over a century and a half, Democrats often have taken a position that some human life is disposable – as they did in the Dred Scott decision. In that instance, a black individual was not a life, it was property; and an individual could do with his property as he wished. Today, Democrats have largely taken that same position on unborn human life – that an unborn human is disposable property to do with as one wishes.

African Americans were the victims of this disposable property ideology a century and a half ago, and still are today. Consider: although 12 percent of the current population is African American, almost 35 percent of all abortions are performed on African Americans. In fact, over the last decade, for every 100 African American live births, there were 53 abortions of African American babies. Democrats have encouraged this; and although black Americans are solidly pro-life with almost two-thirds opposing abortion on demand, a number of recent votes in Congress reveals that Democrats hold exactly the opposite view, with some 80 percent of congressional Democrats being almost rabidly pro-abortion and consistently voting against protections for innocent unborn human life.

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