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“I Once Was Blind”

Leo Tolstoy on the Sovereignty of God and the Free Will of Man

From Part Nine, Chapter 1 of “War and Peace”:

Every man lives for himself, making use of his free will for attainment of his own objects, and feels in his whole being that he can do or not do any action. But as soon as he does anything, that act, committed at a certain moment in time, becomes irrevocable and is the property of history, in which it has a significance, predestined and not subject to free choice…
Consciously a man lives on his own account in freedom of will, but he serves as an unconscious instrument in bringing about the historical ends of humanity. An act he has once committed is irrevocable, and that act of his, coinciding in time with millions of acts of others, has an historical value. The higher a man’s place in the social scale, the more connections he has with others, and the more power he has over them, the more conspicuous is the inevitability and predestination of every act he commits. “The hearts of kings are in the hand of God.”* The king is the slave of history.

*reference to Proverbs 21:3

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Liberals vs Bullies

At a fundamental level, liberal Democrats fail to grasp the difference between bullies and rational people. I think two analogies will help us understand this: the school playground and a local bar.

With rational people, you can expect a person to not be a threat to you if you do not threaten him. So, whether you are giving your child advice on how to avoid a fight on the school playground or you are trying to just have a good, fight-free night out on the town with your friends, simply respecting the people around you and maintaining a non-threatening appearance is good advice – when dealing with rational people.

However, we cannot expect irrational bullies to behave the same as rational people. If a schoolyard or barroom bully wants to pick a fight, then respecting him and maintaining a non-threatening appearance is still good advice – up and until a certain point.

But once a bully crosses that line, his only languages are force and fear. This is true on the playground, in the barroom, and in international affairs. Bullies use force to cause fear, and in most cases they will continue until an opposing force gets their attention. If a bully does not fear your force, then you and your friends are in danger.

President Obama – like Presidents Clinton and Carter before him – has tried the mutual respect and non-threatening approach with international bullies. The bullies have responded like rabid dogs that smell fear, or like a shark when there’s blood in the water.

President Reagan believed in “peace through strength.” By that, he meant that if we have the strongest military force in the world, and if bullies know that we will use that force when necessary, then they will leave us alone and we will be safe. The last three Democratic presidents have tried the “peace through weakness,” or we might say the “peace through non-aggression” approach.

How’s that working for us? Do the Russian and Venezuelan bullies fear and respect America? What about Iran, North Korea, and China?

When limp-wristed liberals are in charge of our safety, we are all in danger.

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Hamilton Believes We Need a Change, Pledges Ethical Leadership

For Immediate Release – February 25, 2014                            

MISSOURI CITY – David Hamilton (R-Missouri City) is challenging incumbent Ron Reynolds (D-Missouri City) for State Representative in House District 27, which covers Sienna Plantation, Meadows Place, Stafford, and most of Missouri City. Hamilton says Reynolds’ legal troubles make him unfit for public office, and he believes Fort Bend County should replace him with a leader we can trust.

“In researching the elected officials whose decisions impact me and my family, I came across my opponent’s legal troubles and that is why I am running against him,” Hamilton says. “He has been arrested twice on felony charges. In November 2013 he was indicted by a Montgomery County grand jury on ten felony counts, and this month the Texas Bar Association filed a civil lawsuit against him for violating their code of ethics for Texas lawyers.”

Hamilton says he has spoken with several Democrats in House District 27 who are upset that they do not have another candidate in the Democratic primary. Hamilton was asked what he says to those Democratic voters.

“I tell them that they do have another candidate in the general election in November.  I am running as a Republican, but I am a Christian, a husband, a father, and a Texan first.  I will never go along with the Republican Party if they ever ask me to do something that goes against my faith or what is best for my family and the people of Fort Bend County.”

David and his wife Katie have one son named Brad, who is almost two years old, and they are expecting their second child in August. Hamilton says both of his parents are retired public school teachers, so public education has always been a priority for his family. He believes that teachers, parents, and local school boards should have the primary responsibility for making education decisions, rather than state or federal politicians.

He also believes that Fort Bend County parents shouldn’t have to move to save their children from a failing school. “We have some excellent schools in Fort Bend County, but unfortunately we also have some schools that are struggling. I support tax breaks for parents who decide to homeschool or send their children to private schools, in addition to the freedom for parents to send their kids to another nearby school in certain circumstances.”

Hamilton pledges to be a leader we can trust who will serve the people he represents rather than a political party or special interest group. His campaign website is http://www.Hamilton4TX.com and http://www.facebook.com/Hamilton4TX is his campaign facebook page.

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Candidate Survey from Texas Teachers Union

TCTA – 2014 Candidate Survey
As a member of the Texas Legislature, would you:
Support increasing per-student funding in Texas public schools?
Oppose efforts made in the name of “flexibility” or “local control” that result in decreased rights/benefits for teachers and students?
Support required use of current provisions in law to support and rehabilitate low-performing schools rather than further deregulation or privatization?
Support continued efforts to reduce high-stakes testing?
Oppose federal efforts and similar state proposals tying teacher appraisals, jobs or salaries to student standardized test scores?
Oppose further expansion of charter schools in Texas, unless they are subject to adequate oversight and the same accountability measures as traditional public schools?
Oppose implementation of a private school voucher or tax credit program in Texas?
Support providing teachers additional tools to manage their classrooms and deal with disruptive or dangerous students?
Oppose restructuring the Teacher Retirement System plan to a defined contribution plan (similar to a 401k)?
Support additional funding for school employee health insurance premiums?
Support additional funding to maintain the solvency of TRS-Care (retiree health insurance)?

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State of the Union: I Hope He Will Apoligize

I signed up for a WhiteHouse.gov account a while back so that I could sign a petition, and now I frequently receive propaganda emails from the Obama administration.

Today I received one from Michelle Obama, telling me how much Barack really cares about me and the letters from Americans like me.

I hit reply, which unfortunately goes to an “info” email address rather than the Michelle@WhiteHouse.gov or something along those lines as I had hoped.

Since Barack cares so much about me and about what we have to say, I shared my hopes for his State of the Union address tonight:

I hope Barack will apologize to America for using the Cloward-Piven strategy against the American people and the Constitution he swore to protect; for putting 2,000 high-powered weapons in the hands of the brutal Mexican drug cartels; for wasting hundreds of millions of hard-earned American taxpayer dollars on failed “green” energy companies; for his “bait & switch” campaign promises on Obamacare; for using the IRS to target his political opponents; for his hostile policies towards Christians; for his failure to take our debt seriously or reduce our out-of-control government spending; for his failed foreign policy that has wasted and denigrated the sacrifices of our military; for expanding the NSA programs that violate our 4th Amendment rights without a warrant and without probable cause; for repeatedly trying to violate our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms; for his reckless abuses of his office in legislating and adjudicating from the executive office; and for his condescending attitude toward our Founding Fathers, our Constitution, and the American people.


David Hamilton
Missouri City, TX

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President Obama & “Justifiable Sacriices”

Four Americans died in Benghazi, Libya on 9/11/2012 because the president of the United States of America valued his re-election campaign more than their safety.

Our diplomats in Benghazi requested more security after Islamic terrorists promised to attack the British, Red Cross, and American buildings in Benghazi. They made good on two-thirds of that promise by attacking the British and Red Cross facilities, and it was just a matter of time before their third attack.

Hillary “What Difference Does It Make?!” Clinton denied requests for increased security because the Campaigner in Chief was busy promising us that Islamic terrorists were not a threat to American international interests.

Moreover, in the midst of a hostile environment, the Obama administration *decreased* security so that they could portray the situation in Libya as normal rather than hostile.

For the sake of U.S. personnel safety, we absolutely should have either increased security or closed up shop & left town – neither of which would have looked good to voters in November 2012.

“Only” 5% of Americans lost their health insurance due to Obamacare, which to this administration is a justifiable sacrifice on the road to Obama’s utopia.

Four dead Americans in Benghazi were apparently just another justifiable sacrifice.

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“Politics According to the Bible” by Wayne Grudem

From “Politics According to the Bible” by Wayne Grudem:

“Biblical Support for Significant Christian Influence [over secular governments]
1. Old Testament examples
The Bible shows several examples of believers in God who influenced secular governments.
For instance, the Jewish prophet Daniel exercised a strong influence on the secular government in Babylon. Daniel said to Nebuchadnezzar,

‘Therefore, O king, let my counsel be acceptable to you: break off your sins by practicing righteousness, and your iniquities by showing mercy to the oppressed, that there may perhaps be a lengthening of your prosperity.’ (Dan. 4:27).”

At Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/0310330297

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Running for State Rep

My fellow Texans,

Our thriving oil and gas industry, world famous healthcare industry, and education system have combined to make Texas the #1 state economy in the country. However, each of these economic pillars of our prosperity faces major challenges from big government.

Federal regulations threaten to choke our oil and gas industry. Obamacare will bankrupt our state budget in just a few years. Teachers in 80% of Texas public schools have been forbidden from discussing their curricula with administrators or parents. Big government has simply gone too far.

In the face of these challenges, we have important decisions to make.

Will we support the policies that have failed in Europe, California, and Detroit? Or will we return to the ideas of limited, constitutional government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets that made America the most powerful nation in the world, and Texas its greatest state?

If I am elected to serve District 27 and Texas as your State Representative, I will work hard to protect our oil & gas industry, while also pushing for more effective environmental health and safety measures.

I will protect our healthcare industry and our state budget by opposing Obamacare, and by proposing legislation that prohibits the federal government from draining our state coffers with unfunded mandates.

I will fight for our children and make sure that teachers are allowed – and encouraged – to discuss their curricula with administrators and parents; I will support more local control of public education, and efforts to give parents more freedom to choose where they send their children to school.

If we want to preserve the blessings of liberty for our next generation, we must elect true leaders who will face our challenges with courage. I pledge to be that kind of leader for you.


David Hamilton
Candidate for District 27 State Representative

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Comrade Obama

My biggest problem with President Obama being a socialist is not that he is a socialist.

My biggest problem is that he ran for president by inspiring millions of Americans with his campaign to reform America with “hope and change,” instead of standing before the American people and saying, “what America needs now is socialism. I am a socialist, and if you elect me then I will lead America toward socialism.”

That’s what he meant when he said he was going to “fundamentally transform America.”

Also, now that he is president, he does not openly advocate for socialism. He believes – like Antonio Gramsci & Saul Alinsky before him – that the only way we will have a socialist America is if socialism replaces democracy after a major economic collapse.

He wants a socialist America because he thinks that’s what’s best for us, but he didn’t openly campaign that way & he doesn’t openly lead us that way.

Obama lied to us from the start of his campaign about his socialist goals, and he’s been lying to us about them ever since then.


Because he thinks he knows what’s best for us, and he thinks we’re too dumb to realize socialism is what’s best for us.

He thinks we’re so dumb that if he told us the truth & gave us a choice, we would choose freedom over socialism. And because we’re so dumb, he can’t tell us the truth or give us a choice in the matter.

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Come & Take It

Once upon a time, when Tejas was a territory of Mexico, the Mexican government decided to strengthen the national government by taking away the rights of individual territories and individual citizens.

When the original Texans opposed this government overreach, the Mexican government decided to repossess a cannon that belonged to the residents of Texas. The Texans’ response was the now famous Texas saying, “Come & Take It.”

It turns out that Texans have never taken it too kindly when the government tries to take away our rights, or our arms.

Perhaps the folks in Washington D.C. who want to take away our rights, including our 2nd Amendment rights, should brush up on their Texas history.

“Come & Take It”

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